What's New?

School is officially beginning the wind down process for us.

Four more weeks left! This has been the absolute best year!

Of course, I can't wait to stay home and Poof the Pillows.

This girl's house is sorely neglected right now!

Just wanted to pass the word that Lynn over at 

is having a Celebrity Cook Along on May 15th.
This month the idea is to cook something delicious inspired by Ms. Paula Deen!

You know how I love her. I'm going to participate. Will you?

Never Give Up!

Tonight was the last night of Tuesday Tutoring.
Ten of my students have been staying after school until 5:45 for reading and math instruction.

It has been fun....I'm tired. 

It amazes and impresses me each week that these kids are willing
to make the commitment to stay until after dark. 

I'm so proud of them!

That's something they probably will never understand. 

Tonight we had pizza and cookies. 

Learning and food go hand in hand in my class. :)

They do understand that.

Indulging on Saturday

Come to me my little pretties!

A Saturday trip to Lowe's.

Time digging in the dirt.

A short little nap.

(You know the kind where you die in the chair and your mouth hangs open.)

Maybe I'll bake some brownies later.

It's a nice day.

How's yours going?

Back in My Element

Hello geraniums and caladiums.

Hello daffodils.

Tulip, I'm so glad to see you.

Grubby old gloves. 
You are my friend.

$3.00 Boston Ferns.

You make me happy.

The promise of a new spring.
My idea of wonderful. :)