Because I'm a Copy Cat

Happy New Year's Eve!

We have been enjoying a great day at home today.  All four of us are here...which is rare.

Tonight we are home for New Year's Eve and we have friends coming over.

On the menu:  tamales, refried beans, salad, guacamole, chips, queso, hotsauce. :)

And this wonderful smelling Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake which I spied at Cherry Hill Cottage.

Guess what.  Tina copied this from Kim at Daisy Cottage.

I may never meet those girls but I like that little connection.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening and much to look forward to in 2011.  

It's on the Way!

OK, I have a confession to make.  See that cute flouncy skirt above?  Well I asked for it for Christmas.  Then I remember telling my husband, "Don't order it without my coupon."  Guess I forgot because when this email arrived yesterday I thought, "Hey, I didn't get that skirt!"  Spoken like a child, right? 

What to do?  What to do?  I ordered it.  Of course! 

I tell you this to also confess that I've discovered fashion blogs.  These girls post their outfit of the day and they are so cute!  I'd never have the nerve to do this myself but be on the look-out...they are inspiring.  Look at The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesdays.

One of my favorite fashion bloggers is Silvergirl in Charlotte, NC.  Her blog premise is that getting older doesn't mean you have to look like Aunt Bea.  Isn't that fun?  Go visit her. :)

This Time of Year

This time of year as winter really settles in....

I begin to wish for summer...

I miss my flowers...

And the green...

I want to sit out by the pond...

Or in my red chair with a Diet Coke...

I miss the sounds of bugs and birds...

Don't you?

Merry Christmas

A Chicago Weekend

One personal day off from work. :)

Direct flight from OKC to Chicago on United. :)

A perfectly snowy day. :)

8 or 9 stories of Macy's. :)

Giordano's Pizza. :)

His Freshman Showcase performance at
Roosevelt University/Chicago College of Performing Arts.

Meeting his friends and teachers. 

It was the amazing!