Some days absolutely sparkle and shine.

And the wind comes sweeping down the plains!

Sophie is a Girl!

I promise not to continue regular pictures of the kitten
but right now I'm just overwhelmed with kitten love.

We went for our first vet visit today. She is a girl and she's only 5-6 weeks old.

Sweet, sweet baby!

Now moving on from kitten talk...I'm almost finished in my dining room. Just waiting on slip covers. :)

Little Blue Eyes

Look what we found yesterday!

We went to the mall to return the senior prom tuxedo and a lady had just found this little baby in the bushes. We were more than happy to bring her home. She's so tiny she fits in my hand. She has already made herself at home and the dogs love her.

Now I'm saying "she" but you know she's really too young to tell.

If she's a girl her name is Sophie.

If he's a boy his name is Tux.

A New Forum

Have you girls seen that Cathy at The Stylish House has started a new forum
for those of us who love our homes?
Go check it out!

She's having a sweet little giveaway to kick off the forum. It's a Charles Faudree book. Woo Hoo!

Show Off Your Bedroom Party

Blogging is alot like peeking in windows for those of us who love to decorate.
Today I'm inviting you to peek into my bedroom window. I'm joining in with Debra at The Bungalow for a fun party featuring bedrooms.

Remember last week when I was coveting the set at Pottery Barn? Well thanks to your encouragement and a little extra tutoring money, I just went right ahead and ordered it!

Let me show you how this came together.

I purchased the comforter, shams, and toss pillow. The toss pillow is really a cranberry red that is the same color in the flowers. It looks wrong in the picture today. The comforter is folded at the bottom of my matelasse bedspread. I am in love with these colors!

I needed different curtains, of some sort, and wasn't sure what to get. Decided to get simple summery sheers that tie at the top. I already had the print that is above the bed hiding in a closet. The plates on the wall belonged to Mama Rose.

Aren't the colors fresh and summery?

The view out to the woods. I love it when the window is open and the sheers blow gently.

My favorite bird nest and a sweet little picture of Spencer when he played Tball.

I'm calling this my summer set and in the fall we'll bring the red toile back out. I'm so thrilled with how this all came together and I thank you for encouraging me to go for it!

Woo Hoo Wednesday!

Hi girls! Today is the very first Woo Hoo Wednesday hosted by Marla at Always Nesting.
I haven't been the best blogger lately. I'm a woman on a mission with a very long to do list. You know, my youngest son graduates from high school in three weeks. So because of the company that will come, I have a list of things to do around my house a mile long. This week I've been planting and painting. My bones hurt from all of the work!!

The other thing I've been very busy with is my career. I'm going back to work in the fall and couldn't be more excited! So can we say Woo Hoo!! I teach students with learning differences. In my new position, my day will be 1/2 time in 4th grade and 1/2 time in 5th grade. The people I'm going to work with seem amazing. I can't wait!!

This Woo Hoo Wednesday isn't about pretty pictures for me.
It's about celebrating the things that are happening in life right now.

Sixth Picture in My File

Happy Saturday Girls!
Kim and Brenda are playing a game today. Grab the 6th picture in your files and post it.
This picture is from last summer. I actually started blogging two years ago but we've lost all of our pictures more than once with hard drive crashes. Grrrr!

I do love a pretty pot of Caladiums and this makes me smile.
Now if you would like to play this game too then join in. :)

Just Visiting

I'm a ducks in a row kind of girl. Are you?

I like things orderly, timely, etc.

In fact, when things aren't like that my mind is boggled!!

So this week I've spent time cleaning, planting, paying bills, following up on health insurance stuff, you know....keeping life in order.

I've also been doing a little decorating that you inspired. :)

I'll be posting that project on Thursday when I participate in the Show Off Your Bedroom party that Debra from Bungalow is having.
See the button over on the right?

Please join with us.

Have a wonderful springy weekend!!

It's All Worth It

Have you heard that saying, "Working hard or hardly working?"

Springtime work is hard.

Makes us have sore muscles.

And dirty clothes.

But it's so worth it!

Another project getting marked off our list soon.

This man will do anything I ask him to do in the yard....except mow. :)


Proud Parent Alert:
We will be packing up our younger son to go to Chicago in the Fall.

He has auditioned and been accepted as a Classical Performance/Music Education student.

Where do kids get the nerve to move from Oklahoma to Chicago?

We are very proud but sure will miss hearing all the singing he does around here.

More to come about this subject later. :)

A Serious Case of "I Want"

Just can't help myself. Sometimes I think Pottery Barn can read my mind.

If I think about it long enough, I may justify this purchase.
We do have company coming for graduation!

The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder

Oh how I loved this book!

From the very first turn of the page, I was hooked on this book. The novel is written by Rebecca Wells of YaYa Sisterhood fame. I have to tell you though...I liked this so much more!

Here's the description from the book cover:

The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder is the sweet, sexy, funny journey of Calla Lily's life set in Wells' expanding fictional Louisiana landscape. In the small river town of La Luna, Calla bursts into being, a force of nature as luminous as the flower she is named for. Under the loving light of the Moon Lady, the feminine force that will guide and protect her throughout her life, Calla enjoys a blissful childhood - until it is cut short. Her mother, M'Dear, a woman of rapture and love, teaches Calla compassion, and passes on to her the art of healing through the humble womanly art of "fixing hair". At her mother's side, Calla further learns that this same tough of hands on the human body can quiet her own soul. It is also on the banks of the La Luna River that Calla encounters sweet, succulent first love, with a boy named Tuck.

But when Tuck leaves Calla with a broken heart, she transforms hurt into inspiration and heads for the wild and colorful city of New Orleans to study at L'Academie de Beaute de Crescent. In that extravagant big river city, she finds her destiny - and comes to understand fully the power of her "healing hands" to change lives and soothe pain, including her own. When Tuck reappears years later, he presents her with an offer that is colored by the memories of lost love. But who knows how Calla Lily, a "daughter of the Moon Lady," will respond?

Don't let this great story pass you by! I hope there is a sequel.

Inspired by Spring!

Too busy to blog this week because Spring has arrived!

It was actually very warm here so I worked out in the yard every day.

Put out 20 bags of mulch.

Watched the hostas pop out a little more by the day.

Watched the redbuds begin to bloom.

Got my front porch geraniums.

We had a new fence put in. Katie and I had to survey the progress daily.

They actually built the fence one board at a time - which amazed me! It's beautiful.

Watched the tulips begin to bloom too.

What did you do this week? I hope it was a great one.

Today I'm linking with Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday and Melissa at The Inspired Room.