Cath Kidston Love

I recently started receiving this Cath Kidston magazine/catalog in the mail. Everything in it is just adorable. I love the pinks, greens, and blues. The colors and styles are fresh but old fashioned.

There's a problem. The items are priced in pounds.

One day I decided to get brave and try to order something. It didn't recognize my zip code and wouldn't let me proceed.

Now they wouldn't mail me this just to tease me, would they?

Don't you agree that it's all sweet? Look at those flowers and polka dots!! Does anybody know where to buy Cath Kidston in the US?

By the way, so many of you asked about our trip to Chicago that was supposed to happen yesterday. We were snowed out. We are regrouping now and trying to decide what to do. Thanks for asking.

A Snowy Day 2010

I could call this Frosty Friday for all my Oklahoma friends and we could link up. :)

I love Oklahoma so much. When I was a kid growing up in Dallas, we used to just pray for weather like this.

It is just beautiful. I loved it this morning when I woke up and creeped around the house in the quiet. Snow makes everything sound so soft and sweet.

Guess how many pieces of chocolate cake a girl can eat when it's snowing and icing outside?

I'll never tell!! On another note, we were supposed to fly to Chicago today. I don't think it's happening but the airline won't say so just yet.

Our Books - Ourselves

We are experiencing another snow and ice event here in Oklahoma. Our weather is always an adventure. The nice thing about icky weather is that you simply must embrace it. I can do that.

I've taken the time today to do a little dusting. Believe it or not, I dusted book shelves that haven't been touched with a dust rag in a long...long...time. Please tell me that you have places in your house that you rarely really, be honest.

I was thinking that our books are really a reflection of who we are.

Can you guess which shelf is mine and which is my husband's?

Can you tell what I'm into and what he's into?

Thank You Liz

I have been so lucky with blog give aways that it's almost embarrassing! Well almost..

Recently Liz at Rose Vignettes had a sweet give away and I won!

Have a look at these note cards. Aren't they perfectly old fashioned? They are blank inside which makes them handy for many uses.

Also in the package she included a beautiful White House ornament, a monogrammed book mark, and some Jelly Bellys. :)

If you haven't visited Liz please do. Her blog is about decorating, tablescaping, crafts, cooking, and one lovable cat! Liz is one of the lucky girls who got to attend the Arizona Bloggers Luncheon.

Isn't She Lovely?

This is my amaryllis in full glory. I took her out in the sunshine so you could see how pretty she is. She's about 30 inches tall with four huge blooms!

Our whole family is in awe...even the men. :)
Hope you have a wonderful Monday.

Dreaming of Summer

Forgive me for recycling last summer's pictures.

I'm really missing the warmth and longer days.

Don't misunderstand...I'm grateful for today.

But I really want to work in my yard.


Do you remember the word phototropism from biology? For some reason that word sticks in my head. It is a plants tendency to grow towards the light.

My amaryllis bulb grows taller each day and reaches for the sun. I try to spin it around every few days so the stem won't be too curved. Can't wait for it to bloom!

On another note, I am leaning away from my comfort zone for the next two weeks. I am working for a friend in a business office answering phones. Also, this weekend the 'singing son' and I are traveling to Winchester, VA for a college audition.

Be back soon!

p.s. Is it Spring yet?

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad!
I love you. :)

Whatcha Reading?

Admit it...since you started reading read far less when it comes to actual books. I do. It's pitiful and I'm ashamed.

For Christmas I received The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. I can barely put it down!! It's an interesting life story and she is a great writer.

After I finish this one I'm moving on to participate in the Hospitable Pursuits Book Club.

We are going to read Cherries in Winter: My Family's Recipe for Hope in Hard Times.

Lisa has the synopsis on her blog. The book looks like a winner! Join us by going over to Lisa's blog and leaving her a comment.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Playing House

I just love to play house. Don't you?

Moving things around. Cleaning. Burning a yummy candle.

I just love it. :)

All Politics Aside

I want her arms!

Today as I was painting, moving the ladder, climbing, painting, arms were hurting. In fact, at one point I thought that it's no wonder people don't always realize they are having a heart attack! My arms were hurting.

I think Michelle Obama is gorgeous and her arms are one of her best features. Something tells me that when she waves her arms stop at the same time her hands do. Do you get what I'm saying. :)

Happy Day Everyone.


A busy day + snow = a pot of slow cooked stew.


Saying Goodbye Bottacelli Red in my dining room! I have loved this color for 9 years. That's enough. :)

I'm excited! I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing in this room. It will definitely be lighter and brighter. I think chair rail and more molding is in order when my Dad can get here to help me. Kind of thinking about changing the red toile but that's a big decision. Any input?

Silver Sunday

A little shiny silver to share with you in this New Year. This silver piece is part of a huge coffee and tea service that was given to me by my sweet Aunt Doris.

It is beautiful!

She loved to have company and serve others. She told me that she used her silver service when the garden club came to her home. I'd love to have you all over for coffee or tea...once the snow melts, of course. :)

Be sure to visit Beth at Gypsy Fish for a list of other Silver Sunday participants.