New Blooms

Stepping outside this afternoon to enjoy fleeting moments of Sunshine.

Beautiful feathery spiraea


Hundreds of buds on a clematis

Poor scraggly rose that I actually cut off at the ground a couple of years ago.
It keeps trying to live even though it's very shady in this yard.

I do hope the Sun is shining on you today!


Love the Decor! said...

Don't you just love spring!!
Have a great week!
how did all the festivities go this weekend?

Nola @ the Alamo said...

You've got lots of beautiful color in your garden! That honeysuckle looks like Goldflame, which I'm searching for. If it is, PLEASE follow up and show more of it as it's blooming. I came across it on a blog and I love it! When I find it locally, I'll help myself to a gallon or two of it.

Cathy said...

How was your weekend...details please;)!

Loving the blooms...just beautiful! The sun is shining and it is a gorgeous Monday!


Carol said...

Your blooms are beautiful! The sunshine is coming & going here today. At least it's not raining! I managed to pull most of the weeds out of the front flowerbed this afternoon. :)


Amelia said...

Flowers are glad the wind and hail did not damage them at all...some of mine were roughed up pretty bad.

Have a great week!

Blondie's Journal said...

Spring is just popping up all over the place!! I love your spiraea, it IS so feathery! Have you thought of digging up the rose plant and putting it where it is sunny. It's awfully pretty!


Marilyn said...

Beautiful. You have such a pretty yard. Enjoy the sunshine!

Always Nesting said...

Love, love, love all the color.

Laura said...

Everything looks great.
It sure is a busy time in the yard right now.
I love it, but I'm sore!
I wonder if clematis will grow in zone 9?


Kim said...

What lovely blooms you have Stacey. Do you read alot of gardening magazines? I'm just wondering where you get your ideas from. Also, I think you could have your own gardening show on HGTV!

Angie said...

You have some beautiful flowers! I have a good bit of shade in my yard too, which can be both good and bad.

Tracy said...

Ohhh very pretty Stacey! I sure wish you would send me some of that rain ya'll been getting. Without the hail storms and tornadoes of course :)
Have a great one girl!

kim said...

Your rose kind of looks like mine. I thought I had dug mine up, but it came back. Sort of pitiful. I love your other flowers. Our honeysuckle is white. I haven't seen any like yours before.

Glenda said...

Such pretty flowers, and I know the rest of your yard is beautiful, too. I'm thinking you must have missed that awful hail storm yesterday. Our grand daughter's north windows were all blown out by the hail...

Bobbie said...

I have spirea!! I never knew what it was called!!