It's Fall Y'all

I'm just getting started with a little Fall decorating.

Love this little pumpkin teapot. It was a gift from a great friend.
A wonderful new candle sets the mood for snuggling.
Isn't it funny how we associate certain scents with each season?
This candle is pumpkin spice.
Of course, we have to welcome guests with the perfect wreath.
Mums are mingling with geraniums on the front porch.
Mums and a beautiful magazine on the ottoman.
A fallish colored plate came out of the cabinet. I love this plate.
Now I'm off to buy some pumpkins. My favorites are the cinderella pumpkins.
How about you?

Thank you Rhoda for hosting this blog get together. :)
Be sure to go over and visit everyone else today.

Happy Monday!

Hi friends. How is everyone doing? Spending lots of time here working on college applications with Son #2. These applications are so much more complicated than they were when I went to school.

The anticipation is fun and totally scary at the same time. He says, "Mom, next year both of your babies will be gone."

Just pass me the antidepressants now please!

Not Your Supper!

We've had a beautiful but not welcome visitor all day here at our house. You've seen our pond has lots of fish in it. Well a Great Blue Heron has made himself at home here today. I didn't take this picture I found it on the internet. I have tried and tried to catch my own pictures but if I even wiggle at the window he flies away. My hubby is having a fit that the bird is going to eat all the fish!

This darn bird dives his big long beak into the water!! My husband (who works at home) is now out on the patio trying to conduct business while on watch. :)

**One more important note: Grey's Anatomy comes back on tonight!!

Improving the View

While some of you have been fluffing the inside of your home with pumpkins, I've been outside working. Have to get the last of my summer projects completed outside before the winter comes. Fall in Oklahoma is the perfect time for many outdoor projects.

Remember when we took some of the vines off of our pergola a couple of weeks ago? That let in lots of wonderful sunshine and air - which is needed to prevent fungus on the grass. There was fescue grass planted in that area that was never happy. This week we had zoysia planted under the pergola and off the patio area. It looks so much better to look out at green grass instead of a sparse muddy mess!

Down along the back fence we finished the flower bed that we started a few weeks ago. The bed now runs the full length of the backyard. Most of the plants in this bed have been transplanted from around the yard. Crepe myrtle, hostas, and hollies all came from crowded spots.

I purchased and put in pansies. I also added more nandinas, hostas, and heucheras. They are mostly pretty small plants now but with a little time it will blend seamlessly with the rest of the yard.

One more shot of the pond. It has been just beautiful this year!

Oh, I still needs spring bulbs and some pumpkins too. :) I love to put pumpkins in the flower beds and pretend like they grew there. Do you? Happy Gardening.

Sunday Supper

Spinach quiche, salad, and a biscuit.

Spinach Quiche

1 pie crust
2 eggs beaten
1 cup milk
2 tablespoons flour
2 cups grated cheddar
1 lb bacon, cooked and chopped
1/2 tsp. salt
1 box spinach cooked and squeezed dry

Mix all ingredients. Pour into pie crust and bake about 50 minutes at 350 degrees.

I love simple and delicious foods. I'm especially proud though because we had planned to go out to eat and decided to save the money and eat at home!

Packing It Up and Shipping It Out

Thank you so much to everyone who put their name in the hat for my give away. I really enjoyed hearing from old friends and meeting some new friends. A few people that I've never heard from did come out of their shells and say hello. :) I'm so glad you did.

There were 71 entries. I borrowed Tara Frey's Random Number Generator.

The winner is tiny little Shelia of Note Songs!

Shelia, please email me at with your tiny little address and I will send it to you all the way down there in my home state of Texas. :)


Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. Marcel Proust

Gardening Lesson Learned

When the man at the garden center says, "Ma'am, you don't want to plant wisteria and trumpet vine on every post" ... Believe him!!

This post could also be called "How We Spent Last Saturday" - hours worth of tearing vines out and digging them up. Do you know what happens when the vines grow too much? Stops up the gutters, causes the grass not to grow, erosion, ugly, ugly. New grass coming soon. :)

Taco Soup

A cool September day calls for...

Taco Soup! I know it's not very original but nothing makes my guys happier. You do have the recipe, right? If not, here's my easy version:

Taco Soup
2 lbs. ground beef
1 large chopped onion
small can of green chilies
Taco Seasoning to taste - 1 or 2 packets
Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing packet
Rotel tomatoes-2 cans
hominy - 1 can
Ranch Style Beans - 1 or 2 cans
Cook the ground beef and onions. Add all the other ingredients and simmer for an hour or two.

*This is a very versatile really can't goof it up. If you look at other recipes on line you may find something else that sounds yummy. This is just the simple version I've resorted to over the years. Some recipes call for corn but I don't care for the sweetness of it.

Finally A Give Away!

To celebrate the one year anniversary of
Poofing the Pillows
I would like to have a Give Away.

First let me say Thank You to all of the sweet people who visit here regularly. You are part of my day! Thank you also to the people who lurk behind the scenes. :) I wish you'd leave a message sometime so here's your chance!

Leave a message at this post by Thursday, September least by the time I go to bed. I will draw Friday morning early.

The gift theme is Fallish- cute towels, candles, and a pretty little serving dish.

Thank you for brightening my days!

Friday Night Chocolate Cake

Guess who got the piece right out of the middle?
I'm bad.
Have a wonderful weekend!

A Beautiful Book on a Beautiful Day

A couple of weeks ago I promised you all a peek at this new book. It's called Classic Country by Kathryn M. Ireland. Kathryn designs beautiful fabrics and this book is mainly a display of the many ways her fabrics have been used in different settings.

I brought my iced tea out on a quilt in the backyard to enjoy the Fall day. :) Would you like some tea?

I love the paisley fabric used on those roman shades below. I'm pretty sure that fabric would be perfect somewhere in my house. Hmmm...I bet BJ and Nancy would like it too! We could Flaunt Our Reds with this fabric.

Here's a gorgeous bedroom to look at. Don't you love the look of two twin beds? I do.

The sections in this book are separated by adorable colored drawings. Some people are so talented. Other people take pictures of the shadow of their head!

You can't hear this but there are big thundering booms coming from behind the trees over there. Hopefully it will rain.

A pretty dining room and staircase. This look timeless to me.

Here's a gorgeous vignette we could all copy.

Pretty fabrics. That big painting is too fancy for me but I love the symmetry of the display.

I hope you enjoyed the little peek at this book. It's very pretty.

Speaking of decorating books, have you ever checked the decorating section of your library? Mine has several very nice books. This book was a gift from my sweet son Spencer.


Don't you just love it when friends share their harvest? Our friends Dan and Sharon shared a big box of home grown tomatoes and peppers with us this week. I've already sliced and diced the tomatoes into quart size bags. They will be delicious in soups and stews this winter. I'm not real sure about all the peppers...any good ideas?

I hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend. We are visiting family. :) When we get back I plan to kick into serious fall fluffing. You girls who are already putting out your pumpkins are very inspiring.

Speaking has been unseasonably cool here in Edmond, OK. The 80ish degree weather fools us into thinking that it should be this way. To keep it in perspective, they reminded us on the news last night that in 2000 it was 108 degrees on September 3rd. Now that was a record of another kind! Did I mention that the 80s are heavenly?!