Heirloom Friday

Happy Friday! Today I'm joining Marie at Emma Calls Me Mama for her first ever Heirloom Party. Marie's blog is new to me and I'm so excited to find her.

Let me share a few heirlooms with you.

This china cabinet belonged to my husband's Mama Rose. It means alot to my husband to have it in our home and I just love it too. It's not too big - just right to turn caddy corner in the dining room.

Oh look what's hanging there. It's not an heirloom but it is a favorite of mine. This proud little rooster is one of Nancy's tassels. Visit Nancy at Southern Lady to see her pretty creations.

Peeking inside the china cabinet is a set of Mama Rose's china. This gorgeous pattern is a soft robin's egg blue with flowers. It says Raynaud & Co. Limoges France on the bottom with no pattern name mentioned. I've never found more of it. Some day I'd like to paint a room this color.

Also inside the cabinet is a tea set that came to me from my Aunt Doris. Aunt Doris loved to entertain and had many beautiful things. There are several pieces that go with this. Some day we will all have tea together and I will show you more of these pieces. The bottom of this says "Dorset" Royal Winton. It's just gorgeous and means the world to me!
Thanks for coming by today. Please be sure to visit Marie to see other heirlooms and special things.

Outdoor Wednesday

Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

Just had to play a little with Photobucket today. I want to remember as much of this beautiful summer as I can. The time is flying by! Slide the screen down just a little bit more to see the pictures. Photobucket and I are not getting along with Blogger. :)

Thank you Susan at Southern Daydreamer for hosting this wonderful weekly event.

50,000 Calories of Deliciousness

Good Morning! We had a very nice weekend that included a little rain and cooler weather. It was so nice. :) Today I just wanted to share this accidental recipe with you.

Last week Spencer requested an ice cream cake. Um, I've never made one of those so we made it up!

We layered chocolate ice cream, torn angel food cake, Cool Whip, hot fudge sauce, more cake, broken Heath bars, and at serving time we topped it with hot fudge sauce.

It was 50,000 calories of deliciousness! It was also familiar so I guess we've had it before. If it was your recipe, forgive me for not remembering.

Give this easy breezy concoction a try!


Just look at the message I noticed on the Splenda packet today. You never know where you will find a good message. :)

Happy Saturday!

Oh Happy Day!

See this adorable little pair of shoes? Guess who they belong to?

Twenty years ago today, July 24, 1989, our oldest son Spencer was born in Dallas, Texas. He wore this adorable little pair of shoes home from the hospital.

Guess where my husband was when I was in labor in Dallas? Oh yes, he was here in Oklahoma eating hamburgers with our next door neighbor. He made it to the hospital though...even with a friendly police officer stopping him for speeding down I-35.

Spencer was born with black hair. It fell out quickly and came back red! Oh how we loved that little red headed boy. He used to have a million and one freckles to go with that hair.

Spencer used to love to catch turtles and would spot them from far away. He loved trucks, books, playing outside, digging in the dirt, and camping.

Today he's a quiet, loyal, very sweet, college student. He's kind of shy. He's always thoughtful and polite.

He loves rock and roll, paintball, his lifetime friends, camping, and his family.

Some girl is going to be so lucky to get him!

We just hope she loves turtles too. :) Happy 20th Birthday Spencer Blake!!

We love you very much!

Summer Rituals

I am a creature of habit. Are you?

Each morning I take probably way too much pleasure from doing some of the same things. In my son's psychology class, they call it homeostasis.

Must have coffee to begin with. See the time on the clock? I've had three cups now. My crazy husband walks each morning at 5:30 am and comes home about the time I'm engaged in all of these activities.

Must water all the plants. Lots of hose dragging this time of the year. It's hard to drag the hose while holding coffee...but I'm skilled.

Surveying the yard. Pulling a few weeds. Saying, "Good Morning" to the critters.

Catching up with my blogging buddies...sweeping...making the beds.

I enjoy doing the same things each morning. Are you like that too?

Taking Time

Taking time to enjoy some simple pleasures today.

A clean house.

Egg salad made in an old bowl.

Iced tea in a pretty glass.

Flowers that are happy for the rain we've had.

Crepe myrtles!

A cool cloudy day.

Three or More Polka Dots

Good Morning Friends!

Today I am participating in Three or More Tuesday hosted by Tam at The Gypsy's Corner. This is our chance to show three or more of something that we can't live without.

Today I'm showing off some of my polka dotted dishes. Who can resist polka dots?

Not me! Polka dots are a little spot of happy. Don't you think?

The bowls above are from Southern Living at Home. Love them! They are the perfect size for a big ol' bunch of homemade ice cream made by my hubby!

This bowl above caught my eye last summer in downtown Edmond. It has a larger sister that needs to come home with me too.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday. Summer is flying by...go out an enjoy it!

What's for Lunch? Part 2

I asked you all for some help with lunches several weeks ago...remember that? You see, my husband works from home and there are two teenage boys home this summer. If you don't have boys at home you have no idea how much food I'm talking about!!

You had some great ideas so I wanted to share.

To start with:

I loved this comment from Guitars and Pralines because she understands my world.

My hubby worked from his home office for 3 months on a development project for work. I do remember preparing a meals at noon that I normally wouldn't have prepared. I tell ya, I gained nearly 6 lbs in 90 days. Girl, I'm so happy he went back to the office because I was gett'n chubba bubba in a hurry.

Deanna had this delicious idea:

Bowtie Pasta, Feta Cheese, Italian dressing, Kidney beans, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Leftover chicken (cubed, shredded, whateve) of crushed chili peppers (I usually use half of the packet from pizza hut). Believe it or not this is pretty filling when you add a slice of buttered french bread or water crackers with. Add some sliced apples and get back to business. It usually only takes 10 minutes from start to finish.

Also, Pecan-chicken Salad - you can put it in a tortilla or on bread. BLT's are fabulous (I always make up the whole package of bacon and keep in the fridge just for this). Egg salad sandwhiches, Salami with provolone and crackers and grapes.

Suzanne shared these smart ideas:

How about quesadillas, with cheese, and any leftover chicken or beef thrown in? Add a little salsa and chips and you're good to go....Tacos (do up a bunch of taco meat and freeze, so you can pull out what you need and go! Or taco salad...How about mini meatloaves and baked potatoes? You can freeze the mini meatloaves, too!

Kathy says:

I would throw a roast in the crockpot with a can of green chiles the night before and let them fill tortillas. If you keep all the extras (tomatoes, sour cream, cheese) in containers in the fridge it makes it easy for them to fend for themselves and a crockpot won't heat up the house.

April's idea:

Quesadillas are a favorite of ours. I take a large flour tortilla and cover one side with a mixture of sour cream and salsa. Then, I sprinkle it with cubed cooked chicken and Monterrey Jack cheese. I fold it in half and cook on both sides in a non-stick skillet lightly sprayed with Pam. Garnish to taste...yummy!

LeAnn cracked me up because she feels my pain! Here's her idea:

keep brats and burgers on hand and baked beans, easy to throw on the grill. Sometimes, I throw one of those Banquet meals in the crockpot, like beef stew or chicken and noodles.

Twyla says burgers and sloppy joes!

Rhoda's ideas:
I will do sandwiches, a nice salad, now that summer is here, with lots of fresh veggies, and summer fruits are on hand. I will do Bear Creek soups that you can find at Walmart. Just mix up with water & they make about 1/2 gallon of soup. Very good, the Creamy Potato is my fave. BLT's are a fave, tuna melts are always good on short notice, good on English muffins.

Coco says:

I do a lot of pizza (mama mary's crust with lots of fresh toppings), quesadillas and his favorite a burger on the george foreman I buy the 85/15 frozen burgers from WM or an organic brand from our local grocery)no defrosting necessary. My husband takes his lunch to work most days and loves taking leftovers so I always make a little extra at dinner and then pack up his lunch while I am cleaning up!

Linda ( my MIL) says:

There's a Project Starting Today

There's an area in our backyard that never grows the grass very well. It's a little too shady for the bermuda that mostly grows here. It's a little too sunny and dry for the fescue that we grow in the shade. SO..our solution is more flower beds!

I spotted some gorgeous flowers on Artie's blog the other day. Did you see his Garden Walk pictures? That whole project of his is quite inspiring!

From looking at his pictures these two flowers below are now on my list.

This yellow flower is echinacea "Mac n Cheese".

This red flower is echinacea "Tomato Soup".

Don't you love those names? These are coneflowers and they are hardy in my little part of the country. Now I just have to track some down. Will show pictures as we go along.

Definitely go visit Artie's Garden Walk. You can click on his name to link there.

Don't Laugh!

Please don't laugh or gasp...but I've been visiting sites like this and this. You see, a few months ago I swore that I would plan ahead. Do you plan ahead?

I have good reasons...it has been over 100 here for days and what else should I do? The house is clean! The yard is too hot to grow.

Go ahead share your ideas with me about how you prepare for the holidays - way in advance. I love to be inspired. :)

You can click on the sites here: Christmas Planner or ChristmasOrganizing.com

Just 161 days!

I posted this Thursday night. Now it's Friday morning and I have to add to let you know that I never plan ahead! Don't be fooled. I'm just hoping to start a new trend.

Little Bitty Tables

I have this obsession lately with wanting to add some little accent tables around the house. It seems we have corners and spots that are naked.

I found this picture on the Better Homes and Gardens website. Isn't this interesting? I would never have thought to put those two little tables on the sides of the center one. This is completely symmetrical. It's a clever idea. I like it but doubt that I would three tables side by side.

What about you?

Pond Tour

Each year in Oklahoma City we have the Oklahoma City Water Garden Tours. We always attend even when it's 105..like last Saturday! I wanted to share a few pictures. You will see that I was more mesmerized by the flowers and flower beds this time.

Just look at these daisies! No full sun on our lot to make these babies happy.

Look closely at the picture below. These plants are in a metal table that has been lined. I have one of these in my attic. Guess what I will be doing soon... Oh the lady said she used all miniature plants.
Always love the tipped over pot look.
These simple large flat rocks make the best walk way.

Pretty!! Double click on the picture below. The rocks to the right are actually a recirculating fountain.
Now this home below was HUGE! I believe they had a "staff" to help them.

Thanks for visiting with me today. I'm actually off playing with my friend who is here from out of town. :) Have a wonderful week!

I've Never Been to England

Did y'all know that a couple of weeks ago, I won the magazine give away that Penny at The Comforts of Home had? She had the best idea! She had extra magazines around her house and decided to share them with her readers. I was the lucky number that was drawn.

This perfect little box arrived full of British magazines that were wrapped in pretty purple paper and twine. Immediately I was in love! The magazines, Country Living UK and Period Living, are absolutely beautiful. What I would really like to say is that they haven't forgotten what pretty is. (Sometimes I have to wonder about designs in America)

Want to take a peek? (double click on the pictures)

See what I mean? My photography isn't the best but I'm sure you can tell.

You can even order these amazing dresses! I love dresses. :)

Oh look! They would show a home fully decorated then tell you where to buy similar items. Here's the thing...the information is provided right there with the article..not at the back of the magazine in microscopic print. Doesn't the picture below remind you of Cynthia's Cottage Design?

I just can't tell you how much I've been enjoying these pictures. I've been trying to multitask. Carrying around the magazines while I do other things. It's kind of hard to apply your natural beauty (makeup) while looking at magazines but I can do it!

Be still my heart!!

There are lots of conservatories featured in the pages. Just imagine!

Thank you very much Penny for sharing your magazines with me.

I think you had such a great idea to pass them along to a reader. It's the Sisterhood of the Traveling Magazines. Now I might do the same thing later...but you probably won't be able to pry these magazines from my hands.

Fertilizer Friday

Today I'm joining Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday.

In the spirit of honesty, let me say there's not a lot of blooming happening here. It's hot! My geraniums have forgotten that they are supposed to bloom. I'm just happy things are still alive. Let's look around.

This is one of the many pentas that we have in the sunny spots. I love these plants. They bloom profusely. They are soft and pretty.

How did she sneak in there? She follows me everywhere.

Remember this basket on my porch? You can see where I planted it here. It has really grown. The geraniums stopped blooming but those caladiums are worth a million bucks!

Now in the category of: Things Don't Always Grow As Planned..

Remember this basket that I planted on my patio? You can see it's beginnings here. I chose the wrong plants. To make matters worse, I did this last year too. Our patio is too dark and those caladiums are r e a c h i n g for the sunshine!

Note to self: no caladiums on the patio next year.

I thought that might give you a little laugh.

Y'all go visit Tootsie and the other Fertilizer Friday participants. :) Happy Friday!