Hanging in There

Hi everybody!

I feel like the fun blog parade is passing me by.

You all have been so sweet to check on my whereabouts. Our computer was with the Geek Squad for two weeks. We got it back yesterday and now the internet connection isn't cooperating. We are hoping we just have to go buy a new "wireless g cord".

Don't you love how I say that like I have a clue?

I don't!

Maybe the guy at Radio Shack will know. :)

Like a lurking sneaky pete, I have been enjoying all of your posts. All the cloches, gardens, tablescapes, and thrifty bargains are amazing. The Flaunt Your Reds party was fabulous. You all are so inspiring. Who needs magazines when you have blog friends? I have a few projects to share if this is ever all back together again.

See you soon!

Covert Operations

Got the diagnosis back on my computer today. The graphics card and fan are burned up. We have viruses and worms.
Doesn't that sound icky?
It can all be fixed but I'm a little deprived here. You see, I have been visiting y'all when I can sneak on someone elses laptop...(son or husband). They don't want me to upload pictures though. That means I will be joining the Cloche Party next week some time. Boo hoo!!
Blog withdrawal is hitting me hard.
Thank goodness we are leaving town Friday morning so that's
a pretty good distraction.
Y'all have a great party. Save me a piece of cake. :)

Random Talking

First let me say that our good computer is with the Geek Squad...hopefully being rejuvenated. Why oh why do computers have to get sick? It hasn't even been that long for ours. Oh well.

I had a wonderful time in Dallas last weekend with my BFF - Rochelle.

We spent Sunday afternoon at North Park Mall which is and always has been the place to go! We did go to Anthropologie. OK....I'm going to whisper when I say this...I didn't like it. It was dark. Things were super expensive. I found the cutest little knob that I thought would be perfect on a table we have. Had to walk all over the store looking for light...only to realize that the red polka dots I was in love with were actually orange. Pooey!

Funny thing is we spent a lot of time in good ol' Macy's. It's hard to beat that store. :)

Roger and Rochelle treated me to dinner at The Oar House on Lake Ray Hubbard. Those of you in the area need to eat there. It was wonderful! The food was great and the atmosphere is welcoming.

Rochelle if you read this Thank You!! I love you!

That's enough rambling...I'll be back in a day or two with the real computer. I'm off to study with my son for a Psychology test.

Busy Busy!

We are all going different directions in our family this weekend.
Hubby and college boy are going to a paintball tournament. They re-enact D Day. Boys!!
Younger son is leaving for music theater camp at Oklahoma City University. He will be gone three weeks. At the end they will perform Seussical.
I am running down to Dallas to visit my bestest friend from childhood. She's taking me to Anthropologie for the first time! I'm so excited.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

What's On Your Wall?/Outdoor Wednesday

Today I'm participating in
Here's why...we are heading out my back door through the patio and to the backyard.

Right out the back door is this rack that hangs on the wall. I tried to make it look cute for y'all. Originally my plan was to put lots of live plants on it but the shelves really aren't tall enough. My hubby and boys gave this to me for my birthday one year.
I love this wall rack. Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage has the same one only hers is dripping in her adorable dishes! Well, you can just imagine how adorable it is.

You know there's a cloche party coming up. Have you marked your calendar?

Everybody needs a shut the door sign! Not to be unwelcoming but to keep the flies out!
Now on out to the backyard. Here's a little peek at my potting bench. Can you tell how windy it is today? The caladiums are pooped from blowing around.
Are you wondering what that rock is? When our son was little he sat and rubbed a stick on that soft red rock until the cross was formed there. I like having those little signs of childhood around - he's 17 now.

The fish are coming up to say hello! Really they just hope to be fed. Like puppies.

I think you saw this geranium a few weeks ago right after planting time. It's already huge!

Thanks for coming to hang out today. Go over to Barb's blog for What's On Your Wall? and go to Susan's for Outdoor Wednesday.

Seriously Distracted

Our son, Spencer, is taking summer school. Two college classes are pretty intense in the summer session. He is spending hours at the kitchen table.

Right outside the kitchen window are these guys.

They are so cute and so busy. It's hard not to watch them.

But there's so much work to be done!

Darn those college classes!

Monday Morning Blessings

Good Morning All!
Worked hard in my yard this weekend.
For the first time in two or three years I pruned the oak leaf hydrangeas.
They are covered in the most beautiful blooms this year. Brought them in to my little vase.
They smell wonderful!
I hope you have a great day!

A Note to St. Michael's Wife

Help a blogger! This picture came from St. Michael's Wife.

You have an adorable blog and I'm hoping you see this note. Just wanted to make sure you know that we can not post comments on your blog.
It says Post but we can't make it work.
I've tried to find another way to contact you and can't do that either. I don't have Microsoft Outlook to open your email address.
I hope you see this. I don't want you to feel left out!!
Stacey :)

If anybody else can figure out how to contact her, please let her know that her Post Comment isn't working. Her blog is fun and she's a great decorator. Go visit St. Michael's wife.

Summer Salad Saturdays

Happy June everybody!

June means summer time food for us.

We've already been enjoying hamburgers,

hot dogs, homemade ice cream, etc.

This is one of our very favorite salads.

Manhattan Deli Salad

This recipe was passed to me by my good friend, Paula.

She is from Kansas so maybe this is from a deli in Manhattan, Kansas? Just guessing.

Do give it a try and let me know what you think!

Manhattan Deli Salad
1 12 ounce package spiral pasta
1 1/4 cup pitted ripe olives
1 cup chopped red or green bell peppers
1/4 lb. hard salami sliced into thin strips
1 small red onion chopped
1/4 to 1/2 cup grated parmesan
3/4 cup italian dressing (Use Good Seasons)

Cook pasta according to directions. Add all ingredients and blend together.
Use Good Seasons dressing that you've mixed according to package instructions.

What's For Lunch?

School's out for summer. Husband works out of our home.
Everyday these people ask me, "What's for lunch?"
Give me a good ol' ham and cheese with a few chips and I'm good to go!!
Not these men!
They have the crazy idea that I'm going to actually prepare a meal at noon.
Can you believe that?
Well truly, if I don't then they will be in and out of the kitchen for a two or three hour span leaving messes in their path.
So will you help me?
I need lunch ideas!
I don't mind cooking a little but let's just say the preparation time should be under 15 minutes.
If you girls will share a few ideas with me I will compile them and post in a few days.
Thank you so much!!
Have a wonderful weekend. :)

Let's Go Visiting!

Today I want you to meet one of the sweetest people ever!

This my friend and next door neighbor, Carolyn.

She has been kind enough to let us snoop around in her newly

updated kitchen.

Of course, there are a few roosters ...
Carolyn has a beautiful and welcoming kitchen.
The walls are faux painted a warm golden color.
She has a rich round table and a neat china cabinet right next to it.

... and a precious new hen.

There's a niche for spices just above the cook top.

There are glass front cabinets with crystal knobs. She chose
several different knobs all with the oil rubbed bronze finish.

Here's an important view.

You know we all spend a lot of time at the sink.
Her sink is the granite composite - dark color so no stains show.

Oh that fridge!!
I'm turning green with envy.

See the glow of the granite?

Carolyn has lots of pretty little bowls.
There are many little details that make this house a home.

Look at that colander. Many of the items in this cabinet
were brought back from trips to England.

Before we go, peek out the back window. Isn't it beautiful?

Thanks friend for letting us snoop around!!
You're the best!

Outdoor Wednesday

Welcome to another Outdoor Wednesday here in Edmond, Oklahoma.
I hate to rub it in but the weather here has just been breath taking.
We've been able to walk and garden as much as we want.
Let's tour the yard.
My favorite geraniums.
Saint Fiacre

You can read about him by clicking here.

Mossy ball.

Spiraea in bloom.

Lots of blooms on our oak leaf hydrangeas.

Thank you so much to Susan for hosting Outdoor Wednesday.

Go by and visit all of the other participants who love their yards too.

Thank You Judy

Judy, you made my day today!

This huge box arrived in the mail.

My whole family was being nosey!!

This was inside! Isn't it all sparkly in the sunlight?

The box contained 6 beautiful cut glass mugs, a sugar holder, and a creamer.
Then to top it off there's a pretty tray embellished with flowers and butterflies.

Judy's blog is Just Little Something for You.

She has beautiful daily posts about blessings, family, gift giving, delicious food, etc.

Thank you Judy for being so sweet and generous. We will use all of this for years to come!!

Look even Molly was being nosey!