Flaunting Reds Again

Miss Nancy of Southern Lady is hosting Flaunt Your Reds again. Since I enjoy any excuse for a gathering I'm here! I decided to focus on red items in my kitchen only this time. Easy peasy. You know, I love the kitchen. Mine isn't fancy with stainless steel (hint to husband) but it's pretty and it just feels like mine.
So what do we have here?

Beautiful red and green apples fresh from the grocery store.
I must admit to you that I keep them all the time just because they are pretty. We don't even really eat them. I throw the apples out in the woods and the critters eat them.

My new polka dotted pitcher that I bought at Kitchens on the Square in Savannah. I love this pitcher. Do you ever get something new and you just walk around the house from all angles to look at it? Yep, that's me.

A new cup towel that I picked up at Kitchens on the Square. Last time I said cup towel someone asked me what that was. That's what I grew up calling a dish towel.

Just my kitchen utensils.
I can't live without the non melting spatulas from Williams Sonoma.

Beautiful red ripe tomatoes on the vine.

Tomato sandwich! Don't knock it if you haven't tried it.
You must use real mayo with lots of salt and pepper. It's delish!!
I recently rediscovered how wonderful Ruffles with Ridges are.
Perfect with my "mater samwich".

Thank you Nancy for hosting us today. We love a party!


When Michelle worked on my blog she made me a cute little button called Projects. My thinking was that if you proclaim something publicly then you've got to get around to it....right?

Let me just tell you that I'm so picky about most things. But I can completely ignore other things (messes) and pretend they don't exist (teenage boy's bathroom).

I'm proclaiming that these projects are important and need attention:

-Revamp potting bench. Needs a new coat of stain and some plants, for Heaven's sake!!

-Repaint Tanner's room. He's 17. His room is currently a combination of everything from childhood and teenage time. It's a mess.

-Get serious about grocery shopping. I keep thinking in my mind I will become one of those amazing people who grocery shops for free with coupons. Well, it isn't gonna happen. I sure need to do better though.

-Revamp a flower bed in our front yard. Three years ago when the pond was built the concrete edging that we have around our flower beds was broken on this one bed. Now it's a neglected mess. It's in the front yard! Every other bed is carefully tended...not this one.

-Paint and organize our garage BEFORE it gets too hot. Ick!! Nothing fun about this job.

There I've said it. These projects are hanging over my head. Oh yeah...those mistreatments in my kitchen. Still don't love them. Boo hoo.

Now, I've got to get busy!! Have a great day!

Outdoor Wednesday

What could be better than Outdoor Wednesday this time of year? Things outside my window are absolutely beautiful without me even trying. The woods are leafing out, the birds are singing, the frogs are REALLY singing. It makes my heart feel lighter!

We've been planting maniacs. Here's some of our progress:

Little window trough under my laundry room window.

Window trough on my patio. Can you see the little plate planted in the dirt? Inspired by Ramona!

My very favorite - red geraniums.

See that white foam on the pond? The pond pros tell us that it is fish eggs. I sure hope they are right. We've never had it before.

Thank you for coming by. Thank you Susan at Southern Daydreamer for organizing us. I enjoy reading your sweet comments. If you have any input about that white foam I'd love to hear it!

She's a Beauty

My new blog design has been completed by Shabby Creations. I am absolutely in love...doing Happy Dances here today.

Michelle has been a breeze to work with. I actually only contacted her about 24 hours ago and she jumped right on it. She doesn't know me but it's like she came right into my head and figured out what I would want.

Thank you Michelle!!

A little blog construction underway.

Sunday Favorites

Welcome to Sunday Favorites - a great new event hosted by Chari at Happy to Design.

Chari has had the wonderful idea that we repost an old favorite. I love this idea. I need another excuse to blog. :) Don't you think Sunday afternoon when you are pooped is the perfect time to visit others? Go by and visit the people listed at Chari's.

I am reposting the 1st Flaunting your Reds Party hosted by Nancy. I chose this one because I have a true love affair with red in my home. Also because everybody else had the most amazing posts!!

Each room in our home has some red so let's just look at a few.

You recognize this spot. I'm still working on it.

Toile on a dining room chair.

Entry way vignette.

Master bedroom in the morning light.

Master bathroom wallpaper. Still love it.

Downy fresh dish towels waiting to be put away. Love that smell!

Nancy is hosting the Flaunt Your Reds party again on May 1st. Be sure to participate.

Thank you Chari for hosting Sunday Favorites.

Where Do Sleeping Dogs Lie?

Why on the pretty rug, of course!

Hope you all have a wonderful restful weekend.

Now What Was I Doing?

What is it with women (meaning me) and complete inability to remember?

I ask this hoping you all will agree and talk with me about this. It's not just me, is it?

Yesterday I drove to the library to return my book and get a new one. Got there without my book.

Today I left home to go cash a check, return the library book, and mail some letters....miles down the road I notice, no check, no letters! Agh!!

So I'm off again (total waste of gas) to do these errands! I think I need some therapy at Target! Yes, that would cure it.

What do you think?

Savannah Garden Tours

Welcome to another Springy Outdoor Wednesday. Thanks to Susan at Southern Daydreamer for organizing us. I've been dying to share these pictures of our trip with you.

One of the main reasons we timed our trip to Savannah last week was so we could attend the North of Gaston Street Hidden Gardens Tour. There were 14 gardens in the historic district of Savannah open for viewing. Some of these nice people even invited us in to see their homes.

Coming from a part of the country where we have big yards, this garden tour was quite an eye opener. Many of these gardens are the size of my patio!! Take a peek...

I think we were reminded of a few gardening ideas that can apply to our big yard.

#1 Focus on small areas.

#2 Repeat colors and plant types rather than using a little of everything. This seems to have a greater impact visually.

#3 Use lots of ferns and ivy.

Thank you for coming by to visit today. Please go on over and visit the other Outdoor Wednesday participants.

Home Again

Hi All! We returned from Savannah last night about 10:00. We are pooped!

Just wanted to show you a few pictures. The cart you see above is in City Market which was right outside of our hotel. We stayed in the Doubletree Inn in the Historic District. This hotel wasn't our first choice but turned out to be great! We were in a perfect spot to walk every where.

We did do lots of walking. We didn't get a rent car this time so we probably walked at least 5 or 6 miles each day.

Here we are at The Lady & Sons. We went two times. The first time was for lunch. Second time for dinner. It's really very easy to get in. We did just what you all advised...we were in line at 8:30 or 9:00 on the days we wanted to eat there. Put our name on the list and came back later at the appointed time. The service was wonderful. You could feel the excitement in the air there...everybody was just like us and couldn't wait to sample Paula's food.

The first day at lunch I had Poet's Lunch which was chicken salad sandwich and soup that was full of collard greens. Yummy! Paul had crab cakes. He thought they were the best he's ever had!

Saturday night for dinner we both had the buffet. Lordy Mercy!! Talk about being full of food. THE BEST fried chicken, roast, fried catfish, collard greens, black eyed peas, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, macaroni & cheese, cheesy biscuits, and hoe cakes. Between Paul and I we sampled a bite or two of everything.

This picture is Paul just loving the cheesy biscuits. Let me just tell you...our clothes definitely do not fit as well after this trip!

This is the last fried green tomato. I forgot to take a picture until the plate was pretty picked over.

Back in City Market. We took a wonderful horse drawn carriage ride around town. The tour guide told us lots of neat history about Savannah. There were many significant events that took place in this little town both in the Revolutionary War and in the Civil War.

Can you see Vinnie Van Go Go's back there? We ate pizza there the first night. We had pesto & sun dried tomatoes. Mmmm!

I have lots more pictures to share this week. Now I'm off to wash clothes!!

Have a wonderful day.

Posting From Savannah

Look at who we met on the street yesterday!!

I know the picture is tiny but I don't know how to make it bigger.

Paul and I were walking down the street and coming towards us was

Jamie Deen!!

Any time in my life that I've ever seen a celebrity I just look a little and keep walking. Yesterday I couldn't help myself. Nobody else was around and he was walking 10 inches away!!

I said, "I just have to say HI!" He said, "Oh hey hon, how ya doing?"

Now I've told you my husband doesn't see that great? He thought we were seeing a friend or something. He was going to start talking.

I said, "We ate at your restaurant yesterday and it was wonderful." Now at this time I'm having a heart attack because I touched him on the arm. I'm thinking he's probably wanting to call the police about this stalker.

I started walking away but Jamie was friendly and was talking to Paul a little.

As soon as we walked away I said, "You know I will have to blog about this!"

So my friends, now you have heard all about my brush with fame!!

Now we are off to get in line at The Lady & Sons again. Be back in a few days. :)

Some Little Birdies

Welcome to all the friends who are visiting Birds on Holiday hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch.

First off let me just say that my birds are the cousins of the Target birds. We are the bluebird branch of the family. I do hope it's ok that we are joining the parade.

Now all of my regular friends know that hubby and I are catching a plane bright and early (really before dawn) to fly to Savannah. However, the bluebirds told me they really wanted to participate in the fun.

The bluebirds have been helping me get ready for our trip. While we are gone my in laws are coming to stay with teenage son. SO everything has to be spic and span. While I was dusting yesterday the bluebirds flew around with me.

Sometimes they try to pretend that this is their nest.

You know there's normally a cloche over this plate. How did they get it off? I wonder if they realize those are not their eggs?

They also wanted to hang out on the dining room table. They were hoping to shake a little on some food but...this girl's too busy to cook a meal worthy of the dining room today.

She likes to pretend the nest above is hers too. I let her think so sometimes.

We had to run to the bathroom for a kleenex. The pepper is getting to me!

Now they are hanging out in the garage with all the plants we got for half price at Lowe's. Woo Hoo!! I'm sure they will not help me plant them but that's ok...if only they could dig the holes.

Oh how sweet...they are trying to stow away for our trip to Savannah. No way!!

Thanks for flying by today. I will be over to visit all of you next week. :)