Sweet Spring & It's Grillin' Time

It's time to hop around and look at all the outdoor pictures! Thank you to Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for hosting this weekly event.

Believe it or not I've had this little garden bunny for probably 15 years! He's terra cotta and I leave him outside in the winter. He's standing guard beside a hosta that is coming back from a cold winter's nap.

Sedum coming back out. Love this plant! Forms a natural ground cover and has a beautiful bright green color. Perennial in Oklahoma.

Tulip surprises. I call them surprises because I planted these bulbs several years ago. Very few of them still come back but these two made it another year. Oh, I just noticed the little devil right beside the yellow tulip. Dang dandelions!

Speaking of Outdoors.....

Maybe it's almost grillin' time where you live! Let's link up on Saturday, April 4 and share our favorite dinners to cook on the grill. Please share recipes!

We are all trying to eat at home more...right? New recipes definitely make that more fun.

I will try to make Mr. Linky work (never done it before) and we can link up Friday night. Go ahead and get your post ready. Don't leave me here alone. :)

I Took It Back!

Remember me telling y'all a few weeks ago that hubby stole my kitchen table? Remember that I don't like to furniture shop? It's very true - I wasn't just kidding.

Admittedly when he first took it I started thinking about the possibilities that are out there. Then I thought about my pine table that has my kids writing imprinted into it from the days when they did homework here. And I love my red Pottery Barn chairs.

So I took the man shopping and we got him a desk. That's for another day though. Just wanted to show you a few pics of the kitchen all put back together. We've been somewhat taken apart since dad and I painted last month.

I put the plate rack back up minus the swag/berry thingy. It looks a little naked to me. Still might put it back. What do y'all think?

This is my rug where I stand at the kitchen sink. I heart this rug!

An overall shot of one corner.

The next two shots are above the cabinets. Yes, I stood on the counter for y'all. That cute little cow plate came from Hobby Lobby and it was only $4 or $5.00.

Same lamp...different plates.

Here's a little shot of my chandelier and you can see the mistreatments back there. They still are not finished. I'm ashamed.

This is the picture that I ordered from Art.com. Framed at Hobby Lobby. I love the picture!

I'm happy with the way things are now. I'm really happy to have my table back. Still need to finish my curtains and tweak a few things. It's all a process, right?

Our Sweet Fluffy is missing.

Our "world's greatest cat" who is 11 disappeared earlier this week. We are very much in hopes that he still may return home. Cats do that sometimes.

In an effort to find Fluffy, I went to the Animal Shelter looking for him. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the precious animals there waiting for a home.

So this is my plea to you, please do not buy a dog or cat!!
At the shelter I saw every kind of dog including a full breed Jack Russell terrier. There were new puppies and kittens. There were many mature dogs who would probably make the best pets ever.

If you are thinking about adding to your family, visit your shelter. Another option is to just wait for a homeless critter to walk by your house - you know it will happen!

A Day in the Life of Ramona

Good Morning!

A couple of weeks ago when Rhoda hosted the Pillow Parade, I stumbled upon A Day in the Life of Ramona.

Am I the last one to visit this beautiful blog? I wanted to make sure you all see the beauty she creates.

Broken plates and saucers make their way into pots. I love this!

Look at these soft blues walls with the touches of red and khaki. I could move into this room right now!

Ramona sews and paints pillows. You've got to get over there and see what she does. Different pillows for different seasons. Oh she's very talented!

Look at this rooster! He's pretty special.

She cooks too!

Are you wondering why I just highjacked this poor girl's blog?

Well, I love to cook and decorate too. However, my ideas are not necessarily original. I admit to being a copy cat.

Ramona creates with her own mind and hands the warm beautiful home her family lives in. Please go visit her soon.


Sweet Karen at Heart Felt Living has shared the Sisterhood Award with me. This is directed towards bloggers who show a great attitude/gratitude.

Thank you Karen!! This is such a sweet award. :)

Please take this award to your blog if you are a regular reader here. Blogging is so much fun and I think that I get so much from each of you. Thanks for coming by and sharing your nice comments.

Go and visit with Karen as soon as you can. She has a gorgeous blog with great decorating, crafts, and recipes. Really she could be Martha!

Dreaming of Somerset Bay

Hi there!

The other day I was tearing beautiful pages out of the abundance of magazines stashed around here. I found an advertisement for Somerset Bay. Of course, I ran to my trusty computer because the images were so gorgeous.

Visit their website http://www.somersetbayhome.com/

Prepare to be wowed by the lovely shapes and colors on the furniture. For me, this falls into the "If money were no object category...."

Be still my heart!!
I just love the shapes and colors. So much attention to detail in these pieces of furniture. I would not want a room full but maybe just a unique piece to add a little pizazz!
Sigh...not going to happen!

Chocolate Pie Extraordinaire!

Do not dismiss this simple pale looking pie!!
This is my first time to participate in Foodie Friday hosted by Miss Gollum. I've been lurking around and printing recipes for the last few weeks.

Just had to share this one with you!

This Chocolate Fudge Pie came from Susie Clark, Milam TX...I found this recipe in my copy of The Second Typically Texas Cookbook. I don't know Susie Clark but I'm telling you that she understands the need for good chocolate!! I'm sure she's famous among friends.

Here's the wonderful recipe:

Chocolate Fudge Pie
4 eggs, well beaten
2 cups sugar
1 t. vanilla
2 sticks margarine, melted
1/2 cup cocoa
1/2 cup flour
Pinch of salt
1 9 inch pie shell, unbaked

Mix all ingedients together well. Pour into pie shell. Bake at 350 degrees F. about 50 minutes or until set.

Note: This delicious pie comes out crusty on the top and ooey gooey inside!! You will be amazed at how wonderfully it all comes together. Another thing, it's simple to make.

Thanks for coming by and let me know if you try this pie. :)

Kitchen Trainwreck Story:

Well, I guess we are supposed to share a kitchen trainwreck we've experienced...One time years ago when I was hosting Bunco...I was running around in that mania that hits just before company comes. I had a cake in the oven. Suddenly, smoke was billowing in my kitchen. When I ran to the oven to see what was wrong I discovered a cup towel in the oven on fire! The ashes were blowing all around in the oven. Yikes! I hate to openly admit this but I think we ate the cake anyway. Some other time I will share some of the mishaps that my other Bunco friends have experienced...it will keep you in stitches.

Spring Fluffing Party/Outdoor Wednesday

Today I have chosen to do a combo post with Rhoda's Spring Fluffing party and Susan's Outdoor Wednesday.

We are enjoying such beautiful weather here that nothing in my house could compare with what's happening outside.

Moving things around a little. Brought out this tin bird picture that I purchased last summer.

Brought out this beautiful dried flower nest that was a gift from my sweet Aunt Jean.

Moved some platters around. Recognize the big white one? Yes it's supposed to be on my kitchen table that hubby stole!! The solution to that problem is in the works.

Now let's move outside...

Beautiful redbuds blooming.
One more picture I have to share....
My older son has always had a love of frogs. I have many pictures of him over the years holding frogs and toads of various sizes. He caught this one on Tuesday from our pond. Don't you just want to kiss him on the lips? Well, I think by all of the noise he makes out there he's hoping some girl frog will kiss him on the lips.

Thanks for coming by today. Please be sure to pop over to Rhoda's and Susan's for more spring inside and out!

Pillow Parade Finale

Time for the Pillow Parade Finale hosted by sweet Kari and Kijsa. Just a few more for me. If they look strangely familiar, it's because most of my pillows are two sided and I can poof and flip them over!!

Thank you for coming by today. I will be hopping around blogland today to look at all the pillows. I have already decided that I'm woefully lacking a monogrammed pillow!!

Spring Metamorphosis

Welcome all of you who are making the rounds for Metamorphosis Monday!

We've had a beautiful weekend here in Oklahoma. We worked in our yard all day Sunday. At the last minute I begged my husband to run to the nursery with me.

I'm cheating the season just a little with my garden cart. The picture above is my front porch before...

This is the porch after!! Red geraniums are my absolute favorite annual.

I usually cheat the cold weather with my garden cart on wheels. I can bring it in and out at night if needed. This gives us a pretty welcome for visitors. The porch won't stay this way throughout the Summer but for now it's just perfect.

Thank you for stopping by today. I do hope it's Springy where you are.

We've Been Having a Visitor!

Look closely in the pictures...he's well camouflaged. This Red-tailed Hawk has been coming to sit above our pond for several days in a row. He's so majestic. He's probably a foot tall.

I know that he can see the goldfish very well because they are large. So far, we've not seen him trying to fish. He's definitely interested though. He sits for long periods of time watching everything around him.

Red-tails usually perch over wide open spaces. Maybe this one is just attracted to the water. We often have visiting birds in the waterfall.

Here's a story ...each summer we attend the Oklahoma City Garden Pond Society tours. People open their backyards for tours of ponds and gardens. One man had a pond that was too shallow. He told us that he came out one day and there were fish on his roof!!

I guess it is a food chain...

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

By the way, take note of two upcoming events:

Kari & Kijsa's Pillow Parade Finale on Tuesday

Rhoda at Southern Hospitality is hosting a Spring Fluffing Party on Wednesday

Just Saying Hi

Hi Everybody. I haven't had much inspiration to share this week on the decorating front. Several of you have been extremely sweet to ask about my kitchen. It isn't completed. My picture that I ordered is in to be framed now and it will take two weeks.

Then there's a kitchen table issue. My husband stole it! He works from home. He has been officing out of an armoire and finally decided it just wasn't working at all. He wants a large flat surface so he took my table! The nerve!

Now there is one problem...As much as I love to decorate I despise furniture shopping!! I must prevail though.

I'm rambling...we have had weather that is so beautiful you just wouldn't believe it. We've cleaned out the flower beds, scalped the bermuda, etc. Right now I'm looking out the window at snow!! Yes, I'm telling the truth. It probably won't stick but it is falling.

Now one more thing I wanted to share. I have a little part time job that started yesterday and goes through the end of April. I'm very happy to be tutoring reading at the school I used to teach in. It was so much fun to go in and see the kids yesterday! I'm pretty excited.

Join the Pillow Parade

Today I'm participating in the Pillow Parade hosted by Kari and Kijsa. I just love pillows. They are the finishing touch so often! I hope you enjoy mine and many others today.