Happy Friday! Let's Flaunt Some Red!

Welcome to Nancy's party where we will all flaunt our reds!

Each room in our home has some red so let's just look at a few.

You recognize this spot. I'm still working on it.

Toile on a dining room chair.

Entry way vignette.

Master bedroom in the morning light.

Master bathroom wallpaper. Still love it.

Downy fresh dish towels waiting to be put away. Love that smell!

Now I'm off to visit the rest of you who love red as much as I do. I noticed that Nancy might be hosting this event again. Woo hoo!!

I Did Not

Have y'all seen posts like this? See if you can spot all of the confessions.

I did not eat Smart Ones for lunch and homemade Snickerdoodles later in the day.

I did not obsess about white platters on the wall.

I did not make 4,123 holes in the wall.

I did not get grumpy when I couldn't figure it out.

I did not go to every fabric store in town because I want to make a mistreatment for my kitchen.

I did not realize that I'm obsessing about things that DO NOT matter in the scheme of life.

What's Wrong Here?

Girls help me!! I got on a mission a few weeks ago to do a little poofing to my dining room and kitchen because I'm having bunko here next week.

I know...silly!!

Well, this is really just freshening not redecorating. Fresh paint, a few things on the wall, moving things around. You know.

Can you help me with my dining room? I admired three platters on the wall in the HGTV give away home. That dining room was also red so I thought this would be perfect. Found my platters at TJ Maxx yesterday for an amazing price.

But something's not right!!

Are they too high? Too stark? Do I need to spread the white around the room more?

Still trying to work with these sconce shelf thingies that I bought last summer. I just can't seem to get it right. The shelves are deep like something should sit on them but they aren't really level. I was going to get rid of the pictures that are on the sconces now but sat them on there yesterday and I kind of like it. I think they are too high though.

Should I possibly put platters there too? I'm afraid that would be too much.

Can you sense my frustration? I'm tired of this project!!

A Little Kitchen Redo

Today I'm squeezing my kitchen project into Metamorphosis Monday hosted by Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. I always just love to visit the events that Susan hosts. Some projects are large and some are small but they are all inspiring to me.

So many of you have been very sweet to e-mail or comment and ask about the progress in my kitchen. It was several days of hard work and the walls are complete.

BJ asked if we were removing all of the wallpaper. Well, the answer is NO. I can not recommend this method unless you are extremely skilled. My Dad is!! Here's the method we used:

-Trimmed any paper that was loose.

-Textured the walls.

-Repaired about 3 bubbles that came up. Dad did this by using a razor blade to cut a hole in the bubbles. Then he flattened them out, floated them, let the places dry.

-Sanded and then cleaned the walls.

-Primed and painted two coats of paint.

Now, the whole time he was doing the hard part, I was having a heart attack about the color. You saw where I splotched several colors on the walls. Well, I was stricken by complete inability to make up my mind. I finally decided that I really still wanted a yellow kitchen - just not the blinding color that the wallpaper was. I asked my Dad to just go to the store and choose something (remember he's skilled). The end result is Sherwin Williams Buttery.

The wall texture is beautiful and the color is soft and cheery.

We did rehang my plate rack because it's my old friend that I can't live without.

Molly helped us out by holding the drop cloths in place. :)

The walls are bare right now. I want to make some window mistreatments and find a new picture to go on the one big wall. I'm considering this one that I found at art.com.

So that's my story!! If you are thinking the walls don't look very different or if you are new here...scroll down and look at that wallpaper...might need your sunglasses!

10 Minute Makeovers

Good Morning Friends!

Today I'm joining The Nester's 10 Minute Makeover linky. I love the idea of trying to make a pretty change in my home in 10 minutes. The good thing about that is it doesn't allow me the time to obsess. That's a good thing.

Do you see this pretty little girl in the tin sign? Well, she is hiding a plug that is placed in the worst spot in my kitchen. She's been there for awhile but I kept thinking she was lonely.

Last week, I picked up a few things to go with her. She is now resting in a basket with some plates and a pretty little towel I found on a clearance rack.
10 Minutes to Loveliness!!

I just love the plates that are in the basket and they will rotate around the house from time to time. Now, go on over and visit The Nester to see what other's are up to. I am!

Outdoor Wednesday

Welcome to another Outdoor Wednesday.

This event is hosted by Susan at A Southern Daydreamer. I really appreciate that she organizes this for us.

I'm sharing this picture of our pond....really it's my hubby's love. We enjoy the nature that surrounds the pond. We have goldfish...no fancy koi for us. (There's a story there.) The water attracts LOTS of birds...including red tail hawks that would like to eat the fish. We have a symphony of frogs all summer long!

Seeing this really makes me wish for a little summer. :)

Thank you for coming by. If you've never been here before please come again. Now, I'm off to visit everyone else.

Splotching Around

Hi Everyone!

As I'm writing this it is Monday afternoon. I've just returned from Lowe's. They are having a great paint sale right now. We've always been a Sherwin Williams family but for the sale price I'm going to try this.

I brought home four sample pots of paint so I can look at it in my own surroundings. The top left paint is called Jekyll Crane Cottage Green. This is not what I went for at all but I think this is the color!

Look at the splotch on the right. Guess what that is...That's the Nester's favorite Tobacco Road. It's actually a Duron paint but Lowe's had it in their computer system and they were able to produce it for me. The bottom color is called Marsh Green (or something) I don't like it here at home. It's much too gray. I also brought home this tan color that was really what I had in mind to start with - I hate it! Just goes to show you that you can fall in love at the paint store...bring it home and realize you were all wrong.

Now here is the view of my family room that you see from the kitchen. Ignore the dog blankets and "nekked" wall (that's Miss Shelia's term) back there. See all that green? Well, I think Cottage Green makes good sense!

I'm working on that nekked corner. Used to be a mirror there that I moved to another room. I'm slow! Funny when you look at your own home in pictures. Something looks wonky to me. Could it be that plant that's all askew on top of the armoire? Looks like some funky bush growing up there. I'll tell ya why...we hide our wireless adapter thing up there and somebody has been messing with it!!

By the way, thank you all so much for your sweet comments. I just enjoy them so much and it keeps me motivated!

A Letter to a Friend

Dear Bright Yellow Wallpaper,

You have been perfect for 8 1/2 years now. I spent many hours deciding on you. You came from the perfect Tracy Porter book that I loved! Some people have thought that you were too bright.
I thought you were happy. You gave me the faux finish look that I so wanted but you were easy to wipe little handprints from.

Time flies and little handprints grow. Your edges are worn (like mine) and it's time to do a little fluffing. I do hope you understand.


The Mistress of Change

So Crazy Around Here!

It's been a crazy few days since I last posted. Here's a recap:

Refrigerator in my kitchen died. Emptied it and threw half of the frozen foods away. Cleaned it out top to bottom. Had the refrigerator repaired.

My good friend who lives in New York came to our part of the country. She was in Kansas so I drove up there for the day to visit her. It was so wonderful to see her.

Husband came home from Colorado. He'd been gone for 6 days so he was very tired and grumpy. You understand.

Valentine's Day with my sweet hubby (who was then well rested) and boys. Paul and I went out to dinner at a place called Deep Fork Grill. It was delicious! We celebrated 21 years!!

Washing machine died...dryer was already barely working. Had to order new ones. Not good timing. You understand.

Big dog ate about 5 cupcakes that I put in the trash - because they were overcooked. Now I am on dog watch.

Husband left town. #1 son went back to college. #2 son barely knows I exist. I'm alone again with the dogs.

Dad comes tomorrow to help me paint my kitchen. Woo Hoo!

Outdoor Wednesday

Today I am participating in Outdoor Wednesday hosted by Susan at Southern Daydreamer.

I took this picture Tuesday morning before it was very light outside. An owl (can't see him) was hooting out in the backyard and I had to come out and look. That's the moon peeking through the trees.

Now there's never a dull day in Oklahoma. We had a beautiful morning followed by F2 or F3 tornados in the afternoon. There were two or three tornados around us but none were closer than about 4 miles away.

Please remember those who have lost their homes have been hurt in the tornados.

Adobo Pork Sandwiches with Rosemary-Garlic Mayonnaise

Get your printer warmed up for this one!

I love to have a dinner plan at the beginning of the day. Anything that can be cooking throughout the day is a bonus. Here's a recipe that I've been making for years now. It's so easy and so delicious. Our whole family loves it. I tore this out of Southern Living in 2001.

Adobo Pork Sandwiches with Rosemary-Garlic Mayonnaise

2 cups drained canned chopped tomatoes

1 T. brown sugar

1 T. chili powder

3 T. red wine vinegar

3 T. adobo sauce

1 T. honey

2 garlic cloves chopped

4 1/2 lbs. pork shoulder


Rosemary-Garlic Mayonnaise

Toppings: lettuce, tomatoes, onion

Process first 7 ingredients in a blender or a food processor until mixture is smooth.

Cut pork in half, and place in a 5 quart slow cooker. Pour tomato mixture over pork. Cook at high for 8 hours, remove from slow cooker. Cool slightly, shred and serve on buns with Rosemary-Garlic mayonnaise and desired toppings.

Rosemary-Garlic Mayo

1/2 cup mayo (I use Hellman's - no Miracle Whip for this!)

2 garlic cloves, minced

1 T. chopped fresh or dried rosemary

1 T. lemon juice

1/8 tsp. salt

Stir together all ingredients several hours before serving. Chill.

Here's the scoop from my experience:

The mayo is delicious so don't skimp on that part. I usually toast the buns in the oven before serving. Last, adobo sauce comes in a can in the hispanic section of the store...actually it's
chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. You just use your tablespoon and scoop out the thick red sauce. Don't worry about the peppers (I discard them). This sauce is not hot it's just smoky and spicy.

Pillowy Perfection

Our living room poofing project has been completed.

A box arrived Saturday that contained the last of the pillows and the cutest throw made out of my fabrics. I want you to cast your eyes on the perfection here. Like Dot says, I was jumping up and down squealing!!

Look at the perfect ruffles! Look at the rosette with the covered button. :)

The flap on this pillow reverses to give a completely different look.

Loving this one too.

The pillows, drapes, and throw were all made my friend Mary Jo. She lives in Corpus Christi, TX and is willing to sew for you too! It was so easy..we talked on the phone a couple of times and I sent her one picture from the Southern Living website. That's all. Mary Jo is just so talented she took off with it and I couldn't be happier. I posted a link to her e-mail on my sidebar if you would like to contact her.

Gooseberry Patch

Do you all receive the Gooseberry Patch newsletter? They just started sending it out by e-mail a few months ago and I've been enjoying it. That's how I knew about National Pie Day!

They have cute ideas and a recipe or two each time. Of course, the graphics are old fashioned and sweet. Takes you back in time a little bit. Check it out! This time I learned that National Random Acts of Kindness week is Feb 9-15.

Wallpaper? Or Not?

When we built our house in 2000 the first thing I wanted to do was pick out the wallpaper. I went straight to the decorator's shop and started pouring through books and books of wallpaper. I remember not being able to sleep at night because I didn't want to make a mistake.

A friend told me that wallpaper was going out of style (in Oklahoma) and I didn't believe it.

Well guess what....I'm like the only one in Edmond, Oklahoma with wallpaper.

It's true! I'm not just being dramatic here.

Now it's almost 9 years later and I'm thinking it's ok to get rid of some of it. Namely my kitchen wallpaper - it's blinding to me now! When the west sun shines in the windows in the summer you have to wear sunshades. Something about the bright yellow just seems to magnify the heat and it feels much hotter in this room.

What is your current opinion about wallpaper? In or out?

You see, my dad is coming in a few weeks and I'm going to beg and plead with him to help me with this project one way or another. ...or we might just drink coffee and talk about it.

Apron Love!

Last week I was visiting Kathy at Kathy's Cottage and she posted this adorable apron (I borrowed her picture).

Faster than the speed of light, I jumped on Etsy and ordered it.

The apron arrived yesterday and let me just tell you that this picture does not do it justice. This is one girly work of art! The fabric is perfect with a little body to it so the apron lays just right. The tie is made extra long to pull around in the front. Yes, I love it.

It was wrapped so cute that I hated to unwrap it and there were some extra sweeties in there too.

It's perfect Kathy!! Now if y'all get the chance go visit her because she has a few more available.

Planning a Trip

Our 20th anniversary was last year.

We were so busy working and getting ready for a college student to leave that we didn't do anything to celebrate. So...I'm working on a trip plan today.

We've always wanted to go to this sultry southern place..can you guess where?

Beautiful gardens and historic homes.

Want to see lots of flowers and ride in a carriage.

Mmm hmm...this gave it away right? Yes, we want to visit her restaurants.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil ...

We are planning a trip to Savannah!! I'm so excited! Now we've never been before so I need your input. Where do we HAVE to go? What do we HAVE to do? Where do we HAVE to eat?

We are going April 15th.

Help me here...build the excitement for me. You know looking forward to a trip is as good as going sometimes.