Enjoying the Morning Light

I love my master bedroom. It's located on the southeast side of the house and gets the best morning light. In the winter time the light is softer - have you ever noticed that?

There is no TV in this room. That has always been our rule and I'm glad for it.

This room is not perfect. You can't tell in the picture but our dresser is totally scratched up. Our lab was very scared in a storm once and jumped on top of it. Paul says that's part of the story of our lives. I like that point of view.

A chair to sit and put your socks on. I bought this little cutie in downtown Edmond a few years ago. It was yellow and I painted it.

A well made bed. We have a comforter that matches the pillows also but I just enjoy this matellase so much that the comforter rarely comes out.

A few days ago Kim at Daisy Cottage asked us if we make the bed. I have to! The world doesn't feel put together unless the bed's made.

Very Vintage Valentine Swap

I'm a lucky girl today! First we had another snow day so the kids had no school. We went out to eat Mexican food with friends. Then we came home and there was a nice big box on the front porch with MY name on it. I participated in the Very Vintage Valentine Swap hosted by Heidi at Foxgloves, Fabric, and Folly. My swap partner was Suzanne from sunny California. :)

Guess what was inside the package...

...a cute jar with peppermints, Fireside Coffee made by Suzanne..

And then this...

..homemade chocolate chip cookies which I immediately started heating in the microwave and eating!! Adorable cookie cutters, a vintage tin that is heart shaped, candles...

..two perfect white coffee cups to go with the fireside coffee, two body butters which smell springy and delicious. Can you see that cute card back there? Suzanne made it herself.

..this picture above is all the homemade cookies...

..an adorable makeup bag and lip glosses. There was even more!!

Suzanne was very sweet and generous. By the way she's a new blogger! Go by and visit her soon.

Thank you Suzanne for all the goodies. I love it all and hope you like yours too.

Sing With Me!

Here comes the Sun...do do do do...here comes the Sun...I said..it's alright..

Sorry, I'm so glad to see the Sun today! My photography is pitiful but there is ice all over the trees and it should melt today!

No school again for the kids.

The house is clean, I've cooked all week, it's time to get out of here!!

Return of the Ice Age

The weather men have been saying that the ice would come on Monday morning. They were right!

Yesterday morning we had to run an errand and there were wrecks everywhere. Cars would attempt to go up a hill and then come right back down. We picked up Tanner at about 1:00 to avoid the after school rush-boy are we glad.

Look what happened when the bus attempted to go up the hill in front of our house. Can you tell that it's all sideways? I thought my mailbox was going to be history.

This picture of our truck was taken this morning. Sleet has been falling for a few hours. Can you see that the truck is all sideways? Uh huh...that happened yesterday when we brought Tanner home from school. I was just praying we didn't hit the house.

No school today!!

This weather calls for snuggling and good food. Maybe we can play some games. Mexican casserole is on the menu, I believe.

Look what happened yesterday.

Lots of napping!

I do realize that to northerners this is something to laugh at. In Oklahoma this is called an "Ice Event". Not as bad as the one we had in 2007 when people lost power for weeks at a time. In Edmond, we didn't have school for a week because of power losses.

Hope you all are warm and safe. I'll be visiting you today.

Missing a Blog Friend & Thank You's

I have thought several times since I started blogging that we get very comfortable and start to feel like we are talking to friends who live next door.

That's how I was feeling about LeAnn at Simply Dandy Cottage.

LeAnn has disappeared a week or two ago without warning. Does anybody know what happened to her? LeAnn if you are lurking please let us know you are OK!!

Now a couple of awards:

Cynthia at An Accomplished Woman tagged me to name random facts about me. Well, I have done this a couple of times so at the risk of totally boring you I will tell you one more goofy thing...One time I played donkey basketball in a fundraising event! Yep, I did.

EDITED: So many people have asked what donkey basketball is...I found this on Google images. This isn't me in the picture. Thankfully I participated before digital cameras.
Go visit Cynthia. She has a really fun blog. Right now there's a great picture where she's showing off her 80's hair. Cynthia, that could be me in that picture!!

Next Debra at Glory Feathers, Star Light, and Roses tagged me with this baby:

"This blog invests and believes the PROXIMITY- nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly written text into the body of their award."
Now about passing this on, I believe that people who have a blog are generally pretty friendly and have opened themselves up to a world of others. If you have not received these tags yet, please do so. Sorry to be a rule breaker.
Thank you Cynthia and Debra!!

Happy National Pie Day 2009

Tonight's Menu:
Spaghetti and Homemade Sauce

Tossed Green Salad

French Bread


On Line Shopping is Too Easy

Yes, I've been book shopping.

At Christmas I asked my mother in law for Mary Carol Garrity's Entertaining book. She got excited and got me several of her books but I already had them. This lead to a return to Amazon and an on-line credit. Are you with me?

Then earlier this evening I was over visiting The Farm Chicks and got so excited about their new book that's coming out. Have you seen the previews? It looks so cute!! So I ordered it, thank you!

There were a few $$ left over on my credit so I did a little more scouting around and this one jumped into my on-line cart.

Now I just have to wait for the cute UPS man to drive up and I'm set.

I will be a cooking farm chick with wanna be french decor.

Papa and Linda if you are reading, Thank you!



Did you see that Brenda and Nola got to meet in person on Wednesday? In my home state of Texas there are blogging friends meeting in person!! I'm so jealous.

The Misadventures of Dog Bathing

This morning I cleaned happily here by myself for hours.

Drinking my coffee, listening to my music, and being followed by a big stinky dog. (Does that count as being alone?) I decided to give Katie a bath in my shower because it was 34 degrees outside and because I have promised myself that I would stop paying the groomer to do that job.

This is how it went:

Turned on the hot water.

Tried to secure the double doors with a pony tail holder so she couldn't escape the bathroom - if she escaped the shower. Yes, it has happened. And whoever thought of bathroom doors with no lock?

Coaxed and dragged her into the shower with the aide of the shower door pushing on her backside.

Washed away with cucumber and watermelon shampoo. She loved this part and the Water Pik shower massage thingy really helps. She licks at the water the whole time. Meanwhile, I have no clothes on and I'm freezing because she gets all the hot water.

Turned the water off and dried and dried and dried. She's shaking her big wet ears and water is flying! That's OK because we were still in the shower. You know how a dog can shake water off, don'tcha?

Then, she pushed open the shower door...went skidding across my bathroom floor...shook again with all her wet dog might...then BURST through my rigged up double doors.

Yes, I'm still naked in the shower. I figured at that point the damage was done so I would go ahead and do my thing.

By the time I got out, Katie had travelled through just about every room in the house shaking and puddling water on my wood floor.

I put her outside so I could get clothes on. By the time I got back (3 minutes later) she had rolled all around in the dry winter bermuda and was COVERED WITH DIRT AND GRASS. Yes, I was mad.

I had to mop the floors and clean the bathroom. She sat outside the patio door looking at me like she had no clue. Eventually I let her back in. You know what a wet dog smells like, right?

So much for thinking my house was gloriously clean!

Some Things Just Stay the Same

One thing I've seen in you blogging decorating girls is that you change things alot.
You've been a great inspiration to me.
I'm learning to move things around on a regular basis - without buying new things. But sometimes things are just right the way they are...to me anyway. My kitchen plate rack is one of those. It's been this way a long time. I love it!!

Saturday Smiles

What does it take to make us happy on a Saturday morning? Well today it was quiche and fresh fruit and sweet rolls from Mom's Cafe and Bakery in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Oh boy it was good!! (This is where you forget that I said we were not eating out) Below is a little snippet that I copied from their menu. It's all homemade - fattening and delicious!

There’s a whole lota bakin’ goin’ on at
Mom’s Family Bakery and CafĂ©!
We bake from "scratch" using our own family recipes. All of our delicious baked goods come right out of our ovens—not from a freezer!

Guess what made Paul happy? These restaurant supply coffee cups. We've been on a mission since before Christmas to find the perfect ones. I've looked at every price range and this is what he wanted. We asked the restaurant people, Mom to be exact, where we could find them and she sold them to us for $12.00 for 4!! Woo - hoo!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday.

What's Cooking at Your House?

Tuesday I cooked one of Paula Deen's recipes. This is Senate Bean Soup - found in The Lady & Sons, Too. This was delicious!! Of course we had to have a little cornbread and butter too. Aren't these just staples in the winter?
You can also find it at her website:  Senate Bean Soup

We are on a mission to eat at home more rather than eating out. Truthfully, I say this every year but it's hard when we are busy. That's no excuse so I'm seriously working on it. Are y'all trying to eat at home more?

Decorating Projects

This pretty red dining room is saying, "Change me, change me!" It's still perfectly fine the way it is but it's been like this for 8 years. A chair rail would be nice or maybe a different color.

My living room is 99.5% finished. Just waiting for a couple of pillows to top it off. The ottoman came on Friday and I love it! Of course, it needs a little something perched on top. I had been waiting for the ottoman to come to decide about a rug....now I can see I will not get a rug. I will show the whole room when the pillows come.

Now I know several of you told me to get a rug but I don't think it needs it. Sometimes I think the look of a room isn't exactly relayed in pictures..and this is one of those cases. I like the clean look of no rug in this room.

Also on my list is my laundry room. Here's a little peek:

I could lie and say it doesn't always look like this but it does. It's our catch all spot. Months ago we talked about spiffing it up but never got around to it. It really just needs organization.

I love to have a list of projects, don't you?

Thanks Ms. Tee

Ms. Tee over at Delightful Home sent this cute little award my way. Have you visited her blog? It's very pretty! Go over and visit her ASAP because she posted some great winter pick me up decorating ideas last week.
I'm supposed to tell you five addictions that I have...hmm...
You know coffee is first because it's my reason for getting out of bed in the morning.
About mid afternoon something sweet to go with that coffee is pretty wonderful.
Shortly after that a fifteen minute nap just makes my day.
Sunshine - love sunshine!
My family and my critters.
OK. Maybe coffee shouldn't be listed first but it came to mind that way.
Now my friends, I'm supposed to pass this on but I don't like to choose. If you haven't done this grab it and go! It's fun to read about the addictions that others have so take this opportunity to show your weaknesses. :)

Blogging: Is it good for your health?

What's your opinion...is blogging good for your health or not?

Here's my take on it. A few weeks ago I was thinking, "Now this is probably good for my brain." You know, composing a few sentences and thinking creatively. This beats crossword puzzles and Sudoku any day."

Today I'm thinking, "Does this blog make my bohiney look big? Why yes it does!!"

Are you with me on this? I'm pretty sure I'm sitting here too much.

My solution? Back to the 10,000 steps a day program.

Butter, Baking & Dreaming

Hubby and older son are traveling to Dallas today to visit the AIMS center. AIMS stands for Aptitude Inventory Measurement Service. We know several people who've taken their kids there for aptitude testing. The information they provide is very specific and informative. Helps people (not just kids) decide what they might want to do with their lives as a career. Also helps with college choices, etc. We are excited to get the info for Spencer because he really has no idea what he would like to do or be.

I said butter, right?

I'm sending a little goody with them when the go visiting.

Perfect Pound Cake
2 sticks butter
1/2 cup oil
3 cups sugar
4 eggs beaten
3 cups flour
1 cup milk
1 tsp. vanilla
1/2 tsp. salt

Blend dry and wet ingredients together and pour into Bundt or tube pan. Place in cold oven. Bake at 325 degrees for 20 minutes. Reduce heat to 300 degrees and bake 50-60 minutes. Test with toothpick.

This recipe is guaranteed to please and oh so easy to make!!

Now, because January can be so long, these pictures below are just to remind us that warmth will come around again.

Morning glories on trellis in my front yard.

Some mysterious ground cover that came in from the woods and mixed with my begonias. I like it. Anybody know what it is?
Dividing the daylillies back in October.

Have a great day!

Yesterday Rachael asked me if I knew about Bar Keeper's Friend for cleaning the sink.

Yep!! My mom and dad always have used it, so I do too. I don't have a stainless steel sink Rachael. I have the white kind that shows every scratch and stain. BKF works great for removing all the little marks that come from pans.

On that note, does anybody have some great product we all need to know about? Have I asked this before? The reason I ask is that I always buy the same old same old. Back in August when we were moving Spencer and his buddy Kale into the dorm room, my friend Cindy brought cleaning products that I don't buy. For example, she had Pledge that was orange scented (I think)...I've just always bought the lemon kind. Well, it made cleaning a little more fun to smell something different.

I'm having a de ja vu moment so I guess I've already talked about this subject.

So if you are using something neato that I need to know about SPILL the info, please!!

Now an update on Molly the old dachshund.

You all were so sweet to ask about her. Molly has a problem common to doxies. Her back is long and her spinal cord swells causing her back legs to get "gimpy". (husband's word) The prednisone should help over the course of a few days.

Cami talked to me about teaching Molly not to jump. Well, she's long past that. She hasn't jumped up or down in a long time. Cami you are so right - it's cute and sometimes convenient when they jump but it's bad for them!!
I'm officially rambling now, so I'm signing off. Have a wonderful day!!

Magical Monday

Good Morning Friends!
I'm calling this magical Monday because I'm working on the power of positive thinking. That's one of my goals for 2009.

I've been very busy cleaning my kitchen and putting things back to normal. I'm sure you have too. There's nothing like the feeling of a kitchen that is freshly cleaned and polished. I like things put away and not very cluttered. I get this bazaar happy feeling from a freshly scrubbed sink.

Weird, I know.

I wanted to share this little beauty with you. Santa Clause gave me these gorgeous glasses for Christmas. They came from Lidy's shop The French Garden House. I'm borrowing the picture from her website because it's hard to get a picture that shows how truly beautiful they are. You should visit her blog also. Lidy is very sweet and her place is a wonder to look at.

What's on your agenda this week? I'm going to continue putting things back to normal. I'd like to say it's all done but we've done a lot of relaxing around here...so there's still stuff laying around. Plus, my little dachshund woke up yesterday with her back legs not working. We've already been to the vet this morning. She got a big shot of prednisone and some pills. Poor baby. Back to work now. I hope you all have a wonderful day. :)

A Welcomed Day Outside

Today has been absolutely beautiful and unseasonably warm. So...it has been a yardwork day for us!

Lots and lots of raking.

We live among many oak trees which are so pretty but that means lots of work. It's very worth it. There are so many trees that we have the effect of living alone but we are in a neighborhood.

I've been looking for the beauty out there. It's cold enough in Oklahoma that plants really do die back. Pansies will last through the winter. Sorry this one is blurry - take my word - she's pretty.

The fish are happy to have a warm day and they are moving around a little more. Did you know that we don't feed them in the winter? They do not digest their food well when it is cold. They just wait for Spring!

We love to watch the birds. There are five bird feeders in the backyard. Paul is very careful to keep them filled. We often see cardinals, bluejays, blackcap chickadees, and tufted titmouses. We also have woodpeckers, doves, robins, and others who pass through.

Cleaned the porch and scrubbed the windows. See my doormat? Cheryl, I love it!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. We are supposed to get a cold front later today that could possibly bring snow by Monday. That would be welcomed too!

A Yummy Dinner & A New Book

Our New Year's Day dinner was pretty traditional.

We started with the most delicious pork sausage that came from a meat place in Dime Box, TX. Don't you love that name? My sister in law brought us this sausage and it is out of this world!! Way better than something from the grocery store. We also had cabbage - which I love. We had homemade bread which was a gift from our neighbor, Ellen. Oh yeah, black eyed peas. Mmmm.

Then we had what you see below. BJ, do you recognize this? It's hot water cornbread! My husband grew up eating it and loves it. I think it's odd. My son said, "This is like something from the Civil War when nobody had food."

Now this is the part where I admit that every year I plan to cook more and eat out less. This cookbook set to the rescue - Paula Deen two book set. Woo hoo!! Yes, most recipes have lots of butter, sour cream, cream cheese...you name it. It's southern cooking at it's best! I received this book set for Christmas.

Look closely - do you see the cute little birds? They are a salt and pepper set that my friend Cheryl gave me. I love em!!

Happy New Year 2009!!

Happy New Year to all of you!

We have had a whirlwind holiday here the last few weeks. Lots of company in shifts and a quick trip to Texas.

We are ready and excited to start a new year. Have you made your resolutions?

I know some people do not make them because they view that as a quick way to fail. I see the new year as a time to start fresh. What do I need to do better? What do I need to improve? Goals are good when they are realistic and important to you.

The homepage on our computer is MSN and here are some of their suggestions:
-Spark your love life!
-Save money
-Lose weight - well that's a no brainer

My list includes losing and keeping off 4 pounds and walking more frequently...among other things. What are your goals?

Oh, I asked my mom and aunt the other day what their resolutions are. My aunt said, "Well, I think I'm going to drink more wine." I loved that!!