Three or More Polka Dots

Good Morning Friends!

Today I am participating in Three or More Tuesday hosted by Tam at The Gypsy's Corner. This is our chance to show three or more of something that we can't live without.

Today I'm showing off some of my polka dotted dishes. Who can resist polka dots?

Not me! Polka dots are a little spot of happy. Don't you think?

The bowls above are from Southern Living at Home. Love them! They are the perfect size for a big ol' bunch of homemade ice cream made by my hubby!

This bowl above caught my eye last summer in downtown Edmond. It has a larger sister that needs to come home with me too.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday. Summer is flying by...go out an enjoy it!


bj said...

O, dear Polka Dot One...I do think you MIGHT love polka dots as much as me...but surely not MORE than!!:)
I just adore all your happy dots here...I can't even choose a fave because I luvvv them all..
xo bj
Now I must go back and read some of your posts that I've missed..I am getting so so far behind. Just can't move around Blogland very much to see!

Melissa Miller said...

So cute and precious Stacey!
I do love your sweet dotted things. The last bowl is beautiful.

I don't have any polka dots on any home decor' items right now.'ve got me thinkin'. ;)

Really Rainey said...

Yup, I love the polka dots too! Fun collection... Your little blue birds are cute too!
Have a great week!
~Really Rainey~

Cathy said...

Ooohhh...cute polka dots!!! I love all of your polka dot bowls...too adorable!!! I remember seeing those bowls...I can't believe I let them get away:(!!!



Love the dots! I even remember having dotted swiss dresses when I was a little girl. My favorite was a light blue one that my grandmother made. I always enjoy your posts. Have a great day.


Poppedijne said...

Polkadots are so cheerful and they will never go out of fashion. You would love the polkadot china of Emma Bridgewater. I makes your whole day fun. Thanks for sharing.

Queenmothermamaw said...

For The Sake of Time, sounds like me. I had a blue dotted swiss dress my grandmother made for me.I love the bowls.

Nancy said...

Oh Stacey, Love all your Polka Dots!!! They are fun!!!! Nancy

Kathleen Grace said...

Polka dots are so cheery, I love them too, especially in red and white:>

squawmama said...

Good Morning Stacey, you are so right about polka dots... they do make you feel good...Loved all your dots!!!


Christi @ A Southern Life said...

You're right, who doesn't love polka dots? Your bowls are fabulous!


lilsista said...

Polka Dots are great! :0) I love your bowls...very cute! Hope you have a great day!

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Polka dots are fun, fun fun!!! Love the ice cream bowls Stacey.

southerninspiration said...

Stacey, I am a polka dot lover, too!!! I love yours!

I have lots of blog catching up to do also! Miss a few days, miss a lot!!!!

Chris said...

I have the same polka dot bowls from Southern Living at Home. Aren't they just the best size? We use 'em for everything...even ice cream!

Polka dots are happy!


Lisa said...

I've got those SL polka dot bowls too! We are Kindred Spirits.:)

Blue Creek Home said...

These make me smile. I love them.
Thanks for coming over. I am your newest follower.

Darlene said...

I absoltuely love your polka dot collection. Polka dots just put a smile on my face.

Sue said...

Oh how fun, Stacey! Even in the picture of the three tomatoes they look like polka dots!!
:-) Sue

Sandra said...

what pretty polka dots. As I look around my house, I don't think I have anything polka dotted but yours sure are pretty. I may have to add something, even a little something polka dotted to my things. Thank you for sharing with us, I love them all!

Frugal Fine Living said...

I love polka dots. They are so cheerful!

Your blog is wonderful! Thanks for stopping by mine.


Aleta said...

" a little spot of happy " ~ I really like that! cute dots!

Rue said...

Hi Stacey :)

I LOVE polka dots! All your bowls are really cute :)

Summer can't get out of here fast enough! It hasn't been too hot, but I'm am so not a warm weather gal LOL


Just a little something from Judy said...

Pretty polka dot bowls look even prettier when you finish adding your touches. This last one is my favorite...the greens in it add so much! I've always liked polka dots. Happy Tuesday to you!

Ramona said...

Hey there Stacey ~
This is the "happiest" post of the day! I love it. I too am a polka dot loving gal.

Smiles ~ Ramona

Blue Creek Home said...

It thrilled me to think that my laundry room gave you ideas for yours. Thanks!

Domestic Designer said...

Love your dishes. I ordered some black polka dot dishes about 2 months ago and they are still back ordered so I am a little jealous of yours! :-)