Uh Oh! You Must Try This!

This time of year, two things begin to happen that just don't go together!

First, we have to get our jeans back on.

Second, all this good food comes around!

I bought these kettle roasted peanuts last week. Have you tried them? Yummy. I kept thinking they would be good mixed with candy corns. Then the stars collided last night and we bought candy corns (we were at Target and saw them). Man...I'm going to have to start walking an extra mile!

Thoughtful Friday

I love this quote from Winnie the Pooh!!

“If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together.. there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart.. I'll always be with you.”

**This one is for my 16 year old Tanner. He loved Pooh so much when he was little.

Last night we ordered his senior class ring. This is just all going too fast for me!!

Sweet Autumn Morning

20 Little Things To Treasure in Autumn

Melissa at The Inspired Room (see the side bar to link) is hosting "20 Little Things To Treasure in Autumn". She has invited everyone to make their own list. Couldn't resist this opportunity because I'm loving this fall as it comes rolling in! Go to her site and see lots of other fun lists.

1. The first north winds that give us relief from the heat.
2. Soup and chili with cornbread.
3. Candles that smell yummy with cinnamon and cloves.
4. Pulling out the sweaters.
5. Driving with the windows down.
6. Shorter days and slowing down.
7. New TV shows (sorry to be so shallow).
8. Hearing the band practice for football games.
9. Sticking my cold feet under my husband.
10. Laughing at our little old dachshund who thinks she's freezing.
11. Mums, pansies, and pumpkins.
12. Halloween, candy, memories of my kids and trick-or-treating.
13. Looking forward to Thanksgiving.
14. Roast, potatoes, carrots.
15. Walking and talking with my friends early in the morning.
16. Snuggling under blankets.
17. My son's vocal music concerts.
18. Visits with family and friends.
19. Magazines and books with a cup of coffee.
20. Taking care of the people I love.

Work in Progress

I am not a slacker. I like to mark things off of my list.

Well, nine months ago I got the brilliant idea to redo our living room. The plan was to cover the upholstered pieces and reuse them. It's a living room you know, the furniture is still in great shape. I got the first batch of fabric when it was on sale in January. Not enough...Months later when they had the semi-annual sale I got more. Took the furniture to the reupholstery place and found out that I still didn't have enough. I have to be honest and say that they did tell me it would take 17 yards of fabric to recover the couch and I didn't believe it. What do I know!!

Just got the rest of the fabric yesterday and I need to take it to the patient upholstery people. Now they are fast and I should have it all back in two or three weeks.

All of that to say, here are the pillows that have already been made by the nicest sister in law of a friend I've ever talked to on the phone. Did you get that? The colors did not come out quite right in the picture. No, the red pillow is not the fire engine red color. It is beautiful!! That red is actually what the couch is being covered in. I can't wait!!

So here's a little peek at what I'm working on.

The Simple Things

Two simple things on my mind today. First, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Yum!! Really, does it need to be more complicated than that? I think not.

Next, our dog Katie. I love this dog. She's old, can you tell? We don't know how old - probably about 12. Getting up and down is a little hard for her. She makes a lot of groaning sounds. Still she follows me every where I go. She's a constant companion.

It's a Miracle Anything Gets Completed

See if you can follow along with my morning....then please tell me you are the same way.

-Blogging for much too long. Thinking, "Oh my gosh I love this POOPIES thing. I've had visitors!" "Better go do something productive for awhile."

-Vacuuming the rugs. My obsession.

-Get a Diet Coke. Thinking, "How long till lunch?" "What can I eat that's not too fattening?" Weight Watchers Smart Ones here I come.

-Vaccuming my closet. Notice lots of extra coat hangers. Gather them up and take them to the laundry room.

-While in the laundry room I grab stack of towels for the front bath room. Put them away.

-Then walking past my bedroom I spy the closet light on. Thinking, "Why is that light on?"

-Go to turn the lights off and spy the vacuum cleaner. OH BROTHER!!

Welcome P.O.O.P.I.E.S.

Welcome POOPIE friends. Let me just say that I'm mortified to be featuring something so ugly in my house. See this glob of plant, clock, wireless thingy for the computer? It's been that way for 2 or 3 years. I keep thinking it deserves improvement but it hasn't happened. Maybe today? Tomorrow?

If anybody comes here to visit today I'll know it's your first time. My blog is brand new and I'm finding my way. Thanks for coming and please let me know that you were here.
One more thing, I can't figure out how to get Mr. Linky on my page!!

Stacey :)

The Freshman Class of OSU!

See this handsome group of boys?

They are boys to all the moms. :)

This is my son surrounded by his good friends: Nathan, Kyle, Evan and Kale. We went to Oklahoma State University last Saturday to tailgate before the game. We enticed them to spend just a little time with us by feeding them!! We had a fun time. These are all great kids finding their way in the world. Do you think they have any idea how much we miss them?

From a Distance

Sometimes I think it's better to look at things from a distance.

The perspective is different.

This is the pond that my husband created (with a little help) in our backyard. It's beautiful!

Being the perfectionist that I tend to be, I love to look from the window or across the yard. Why? When I go closer I see weeds and plants that didn't do as well as we would have liked. I see water that's a little greener than I would like it to be. I don't want to be that way...

There are days that I look out and I am just in awe that this is ours. The view from a distance is a good thing sometimes.

I'm No Cake Decorator but...

I can make a delicious chocolate cake. Some of the time it's all from scratch and sometimes I cheat with Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker cake mix. The trick is to make homemade icing. We love the Perfect Icing recipe on the Hershey's cocoa can. You can't go wrong! Paul thinks the best part is licking the beaters. I would show you but he had it all over his chin. :)

Today has been a perfect day. The high was around 80 and there was a little north breeze. Excellent weather for a little spray painting. I'll show you that project in a day or two.

Our First Fall Day and Another First

Today is amazing. A front came in from the north and it's chilly. We have the windows open enjoying the smell of the rain. Makes me want to clean and burn a pumpkin candle. Or eat a pumpkin pie...

The other first, I am attempting to sell furniture on Craig's list. It's strange to be trying to convince unknown people that what you have is a treasure - but you don't need it anymore. I'm redoing our living room right now and we are going a little more casual. (No, the table is not sitting in the living room. It's by the front door where there is lots of light.) Gorgeous table right? There's a larger coffee table to go with it. I think it's worth a try. We'll see.

Have you seen all the nesting that is going on in blogland right now? It's really inspiring. Check out http://theinspiredroom.net/ Just found this site and it's fun.

Have a great day.