Thank You Friends

Honestly, I have met the nicest people through blogging.

Originally I thought this would just entail checking out everybody's neat decorating. That's not what it has turned out to be though.

You have shown me about a million crafts that I admire but will never do. :) (So not crafty!)

You've shared awesome recipes which I do try pretty often.

You've given me fantastic ideas about saving money while taking care of my family.

You make me remember how important it is to be kind to others and smile!

You've shown me amazing goodies from Thrift stores.

You've given me advice on life...and decorating.

The point is that I'm really grateful for my blogging buddies. Each blog uniquely represents the person who puts his or her heart and soul into it. I appreciate that.

Now because I have been negligent I need to share these meme's that I have received lately.

Debra at Glory Feathers and LeAnn at Simply Dandy cottage tagged me awhile back to share seven or eight things about myself. Here goes:

1. I'm a control freak. Yes, it's a burden.

2. I drink WAY too much coffee. Come by that honestly because everyone in my family does.

3. I love to laugh! I embarass my kids at the movies laughing out loud.

4. I've had my BFF Rochelle since 5th grade.

5. I'm 45. Lord, how did that happen?

6. I clean all the time but I'm not germ phobic.

7. Totally not athletic but love to walk with my friend Carolyn.

8. Say I too much!!!


Shelia said...

Good morning, Stacey! Oh, I know what you mean about blogging! It's a wonderful place to be!
I'm so thankful I've met you and 45 - honey, that's young!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

niartist said...

Morning Stacey - I feel the same way. I started my blog as a gardening blog - it some how morphed into what it is today ... but I'm constantly amazed by the generosity, kindness, and creativity of bloggers all over! Keep blogging - I'm so enjoying yours!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Hi Stacey

I just read your comment at the Back Porch.

There are lots of things to do in St Charles in February. We've had lunch on the patio at the winery, in Feb. They have fireplaces and heaters going. All the shops are open year round. There are amazing bed and breakfasts in the area. A Casino is a couple blocks south of the historic district. There are at least two art galleries, on or near North Main Street. We really enjoy visiting the historic district in February, because it isn't so crowded. I believe most of the shops are closed Mondays.

If you do a google search of Historic Saint Charles Missouri, I think you might be able to get info on events and lodging, etc.

I'm not sure how far Edmond is from Joplin. I think St Charles is around 5 hours from Joplin.

I enjoyed your list.

Susie Harris said...

Blog buddies are the best. Im so glad you are one of mine too! Hope yall have a very Merry Christmas~

texasdaisey said...

Stacey, I so get how you feel. I just turned 45 also. I so enjoyed reading your seven things. I have so enjoyed blogging this past 3 months & have especially enjoyed yours. I didn't know that making friends thru a blog could be so fun but it is.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

I feel the same, isn't it amazing how much fun this is, and how small the world seems when you make friends all over the world!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

We have much in common! I am a control freak and I drink too much coffee. I love to laugh and I've had my BFF since I was 6 and she was 3. I'm older than you, Lord, how did that happen?! Here's where we differ, I don't clean all the time, I craft all the time(and read blogs). The only exercise I like is walking. I'd also like to say that meeting all the lovely ladies in blogland have enriched my life so much. It has opened my heart up to loving so many new people! Merry Christmas, Stacey! Twyla

Ms. Tee said...

How sweet that you've had the same BF since 5th grade! :) And I had to laugh about the addiction to caffeine - mine just comes in the form of diet coke!

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

That was such a sweet post! I loved reading a bit more about you too! so funny too, I love the age one, I feel the same ! lol

and a big thank you to you too! I love blogging , and women like you make it all the much more fun and inspiring !!

Happy Holidays!


squawmama said...

Hi Stacy... Always nice to get to know our bloggin buddies better... this was fun to read... I know exactly where you are coming from.... My blog was just to let friends and family know where I was and what I was up to... but a new friend (Justine @ Justine's Froggy Bloggy) found me and opened my eyes to the bloggin community... Now I am hooked...I love reading everyone’s post and even though I am not great I enjoy posting myself... Have a great day and I am glad we met new bloggin friend...


Kelli said...

I feel the same way about blogging friends. :0) Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Daphine said...

You took the words right out of my mouth...I love my blogging friends too! I never DREAMED that I would like blogging as much as I do. I thank God that our paths have crossed and that we are friends.

I loved reading your list and learning more about you.

Have a great weekend friend!

Bo said...

Awww Stacey...this was so sweet and right back atcha! I count you as one of my treasured blogging gals too... ;-) Bo

Lavender Dreamer said...

I know exactly what you mean. I have learned so much from other bloggers and met some of the nicest people. It's FUN....and that's just what we need sometimes! Merry Christmas to you! I enjoy your blog!

Angie said...

I love blogging too and have met so many sweet and talented people! I just read your Santa story you posted back on the 12th and it brought tears to my eyes! Thanks for sharing it!

bj said...

GGood morning, friend...I love blogging and all my friends, too. I have learned so much and the main thing I've really come to appreciate is just what you have...all the kindness and concern and the fun and the laughter and the tears and .....the list just goes on and on. i love it all...I am so glad we became blogging buddies....

Kathleen Grace said...

I agree wholeheartedly with you. What a wonderful network of ideas, kindness and fun this blogging is!

Shelia said...

Dear Stacey! I'm so glad I've met you in Blogland and you've become a part of my life!! I pray you and your family will have the most blessed Merry Christmas ever!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

cottage farm villa (aka cottagecharm) said...

Stacey, what a sweet post! You have obviously made many new friends who you have made an impression on. Since I am newer to blogging and to your blog...I look forward to 2009 and the world of blogging and continued inspiration from all the talented women out here. Have a very Merry Christmas! ~Cheryl

Simply Dandy said...

Great post...thanks for playing along. I feel the same way you do about blogging. It rocks!! Merry Christmas to you and your family.


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed "meeting" you too Stacey! Blogging is such an unexpected way to meet people, at least that's how I felt, but I agree with you 100%. So much fun! Have a Merry Christmas!

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Awww, that was sweet! I've enjoyed meeting you too Stacey!

Shelia said...

Evening, Stacey! Oh, that's a funny story! I don't doubt that happening. Have a blessed Christmas, my friend,
Be a sweetie too,
Shelia ;)

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

I love all my little blogging buddies, including you Stacey ! Have a blessed Christmas.

An Accomplished Woman said...

Stacey, I am so happy to have you as a blogging friend and I could not agree with you more. Love all my friends and they are all very inspirational.

Ms. Tee said...

Hi Stacy - It sure has been fun getting to know you. :) I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Melissa Miller said...

Hope you had the merriest of Holidays!!!! :)

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I am glad I have gotten to know you this past year. I hope 2009 brings you everything your heart desires.

Chris said...

Hi Stacy, I wanted to drop by and sat hi to you, I see you often when I visit my friends, so I thought I must be missing out on a lot, by not knowing you. I love your posts and I'll be checking back often with you. I love meeting new friends.


Susie Harris said...

Hi there! I hope you get your new goodies for your kitchen soon too. I agree that these are some hard times and I fear its going to get much worse. Thats why I hate to get rid of the working ones. I will only get them when the money is there. Till then its gonna be white. We will just have to save our pennies wont we, smile. Take care~

FrenchGardenHouse said...


Loved reading about you. It's true that the true treasure about blogging is all the wonderful, sweet blogging friends you meet, isn't it? Glad you loved your glasses, they are my favorites.

Hope you have a wonderful new year, filled with more laughter (yes, out loud!) and joy and all the people you love.

Daphine said...

Hey friend!
I was just stopping by to say "hi".
I hope that you enjoyed your Christmas holiday!

Happy New Year to you!

Smelling Coffee said...

Hey Stacey~ I feel the same way about you and your blog! Blessings to you and your family as you walk into 2009.


Daphine said...

Happy New Year friend!