Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tea Cup and Mug Exchange Reveal

Good morning! Today I'm sharing the most beautiful colors and thoughtfulness that came all in one fun package! I just participated in the Tea Cup and Mug Exchange organized by 

Several times in the past I've seen bloggers share their pictures from this gift exchange and kicked myself for missing out. This time I jumped in for the chance to get to know someone else a little better and to trade sweet goodies. If you did not participate, you may wonder what this would have to do with you.... well, I always love to see gift ideas that others share. You might know someone who would love to receive a gift like this. Tuck this fun gift idea into the back of your mind. :)

I received my package from Lynn at Quaker Hill Farm. Upon opening the package, I was just over the moon with excitement! 

Lynn knew exactly which colors we use in our home and she sent tea towels and hand painted items that I will lovingly use and display. She knew that I love coffee and flowers and included pieces from the Pioneer Woman's dish collection in my gift box.

Lynn handmade flowers from crepe paper. I love her creativity! Just look at the pretty little wooden painting and the painted gift bag.  I think I'll gather up a jar and put fresh flowers in it then tuck it all inside that pretty painted bag. :)

She knew that I love gardening and sent a magazine for inspiration. 

I can tell you that I've already spent hours looking at this magazine. Now I'm ready to dig into the coffee and chocolate.  Lynn I hope you read this and know that you knocked my socks off! You were kind and generous with your gift and I thank you for it. ♥

I packaged up the gift for my blogging friend and sent it to Snap at Tales From Twisty Lane.

This really was fun and I'm glad I participated. Keep your eye out for the next exchange that Stephanie hosts. You do not have to be a blogger to participate. 

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Five Under $10

Today I'm sharing five items that I really love and use all the time that cost less than $10. Let's face it, the world is so expensive these days so when you find a few things that work great, you have to share them with others.  Here we go and let me warn you - these are not from one category.

You're channeling your inner ballet dancer when you wear this pale but put together nail polish. I love Essie Ballet Slippers because it's soft, pretty, and it doesn't show so much when it chips after 5 days. The cost is about $8.00 per bottle and it stays nice for a long time. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Favorites

Good morning!
Thank goodness it's Friday. Right? We love the weekends. Right now the weekends are mostly work days for us. We have lots of running around to do for the new house. Also, we are working on the "grounds". I say that very lightly because it's a mess of Mesquite trees that we are trimming and cutting down.  I thought I'd share some Friday Favorites today because it's always fun to me to read the favorites that others share.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Building a Home From the Ground Up

Building this house is a dream come true for us y'all! I've been posting lots of pics on Instagram but very few here. I thought I'd share a few collages of this process that started rolling last fall. Of course it all began with driving and wishing for the perfect lot. We wanted a little more space but within a neighborhood. We found that spot on a cul-de-sac next to the sweetest people.

Monday, March 27, 2017

When It Feels Like Your Creativity and Motivation are Just Gone!

Hey friends! I know, not much going on here at Poofing the Pillows. 
Crickets chirping. Dust bunnies rolling around.  You get the picture.
Do you ever go through periods of time when you have absolutely no motivation or creativity whatsoever? I'm there right now. Why? I have no explanation. 
Sometimes you just lose your mojo.
So what's a girl to do?

Friday, March 10, 2017

Tips for Saving Money in the Garden

Happy Friday - it's time for another Ten on the 10th! 

Several bloggers join together for this to share great ideas that all cost less than $10. Today I'm talking about gardening because soon we will be starting from scratch and that can be expensive!

Gardening ideas for $10 and under...most are free!  Gardening on a tight budget.  Pass along plants and perennials.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Choosing the Lighting for Our New Home

Happy Monday peeps!
Did you have a nice weekend? Our days involve going back and forth to the new house all the time...because we just can't stay away!  Yesterday it poured rain but we donned our mud boots and went for it.

We are busy making light fixture selections and this is where we are for now. I have realized that you can look at all of this too much and although Pinterest is a great resource, it can be confusing too.   Remember back in November when I talked about lighting? I've been all over the map since then so I finally decided to get it together with my thoughts and choose!

Let's pretend that you just knocked on my door and I welcomed you in with open arms. 
In the entry you'll see this beauty hanging from the 16' ceiling. It's hard to tell in the photo but this lantern is BIG. We think it will perfectly introduce the feeling of our house which will be a little bit Southern Living and a little bit cottage. 

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Friday, March 3, 2017

First Friday Home Tour Featuring A Pocketful of Blue

Good morning friends! Today, as you know, is my favorite day of the month when I have the pleasure of featuring the home of another sweet blogger. This is fun for me because we get to see places we might not normally see and you might meet someone new.

Today we have the honor of visiting JoAnne at 
JoAnne's home is cottagey, welcoming, and always inspiring.  JoAnne will show you around. :)

Hi Everyone,
We purchased our current home in 2007.
It was built in 1959 and had not been updated at all so we
have been working on it ever since.