Friday, June 16, 2017

This Is My We're Not Going On a Vacation so I Need Good Books List

Hi Friends! 

What is it about summer that makes me want to read? Do you feel that way? Reading on the porch, reading at the pool, reading at the all sounds so carefree and wonderful. Almost every year I put together a list of books I'd like to read. Here's my list for this summer.  

I used to make myself read a classic book each summer but NO MORE! I just want to read for fun in the summer. Did anybody ever read Catcher in the Rye in the summer time? I did. Why?

Some of my blogging buddies have shared their lists too so pop over to see what they are looking forward to reading:
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Monday, June 12, 2017

A Gardening Look Back

You guys the countdown is on for our big move! Some time in the next two weeks we'll be loading the truck and going 11 miles down the road to our Forever Home. Meanwhile, I'm reminiscing about my past gardens. 

Loving and Caring for Our Backyard Pond

As much as I'm looking forward to decorating shelves and unpacking our goodies, I can't wait to dig!!
Digging is in my soul and we've got big plans for the new place.

Today I'm sharing a few photos from days gone by. I'm so inspired by sun and dirt. Are you?
How's your garden growing this year? I'd love to know. Have you tried anything new?

What are your favorite oldies but goodies when it comes to plants?

What do we absolutely have to plant at our new house?
We are actually going to have a smidge of shade and here in Texas that's a big deal!!

Thank you for coming along with me today. Hope you have a great week. :)

Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Less Expensive Way to Use Your Keurig Coffee Maker

Good morning y'all! I'm so glad you are here today for June's Ten on the 10th. This is when a group of fun bloggers share ideas for life that all cost less than $10.

Have you had your coffee yet? I'm working on my first cup and wanted to share with you a trick we employ using a Keurig coffee maker but not buying those doggone expensive pods.

Here's the husband really wanted a Keurig and I was the resisting force. You see, we drink lots of coffee here. LOTS of coffee. 

Don't talk to me about one cup in the morning. No ma'am that's not even getting things started here!

I will admit the Keurig is neat. The Kcups are wonderful. But spare me the cost of those pods because it's insane!! After buying off-brands that clogged the machine a few times, I put my foot down and insisted we were getting the real coffee pot out of the cabinet.

Mr. Keurig Lover started doing some research and ran across these pods on Amazon that you can refill with your own coffee.  I still resisted because I don't want to refill those everyday. So guess what...refilling the pods is his job! Woohoo! I like my French roast mixed with a little bit of hazelnut these days. How about you?

If you are like me and do not like the cost of Kcups, just check Amazon and find the refillable pods that are appropriate for your Keurig.  The initial expenditure is more than $10 but will save $$$ over the long haul.

And if you are lucky someone at your house will be the pod washer and refiller. :)

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I Think We Need Some Pink

Long ago and far away, one of my best friends had a kitchen with pink touches throughout. I just loved it! Pink was not the in color at the time but that was of no worry because this was a happy gathering spot for kids and families.  

Now that we are working on our new house I've noticed a lot of pink in the world. Have you noticed? I like it a lot!! Fortunately, the manly man that I'm married to is very sweet to let me do the decorating so I think a little pink might be working its way into our home.

Let's see...

How about some pretty pink art on an open shelf in the kitchen?  I love everything at A Thing Created on Etsy.  Peonies in a Jar is calling my name.
A rug with a little pink would be the cat's meow! We tried to order this one awhile back and the size we needed wasn't available. We should try again. Right?

Poofing a pink pillow or two would definitely bring a few smiles.

Buffalo Check Pillow at Tonic Living

Celeste at Southern DayDreams uses pink quite often for the perfect cottage touches. Feeling blessed?

Out in the garden, pink hydrangeas would be amazing and they would make great bouquets inside.

This blogger has the cutest laundry room ever with pink in the mix. Look at that wallpaper. Love!!

Did you see Carol's pink office reveal? It's so pretty and filled with amazing storage/organization ideas.

Have you been admiring pops of pink lately? :)

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Friday, June 2, 2017

First Friday Home Tour Featuring Just Plain Jilly

Happy Friday Sweet Friends!
I'm so happy to share this month's First Friday Home Tour today.  I first spotted Jill on Instagram when my eagle eyes spied a fellow Texan. Y'all know I can see that a mile away!  Jill has recently started a new blog Just Plain Jilly and I bet you'll love her style as much as I do.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Welcome June ♥

What could be more perfect than June?
Such a beautiful month!!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Y'all!
Just sharing a few things that have made me smile this week and maybe you will too. 

This free printable at One Thousand Oaks is just perfect for patriotic decor. 

We rented The Last Word last night and loved it. Shirley MacLaine is in the movie and that is the only reason you need to watch it.

The backsplash was installed in our kitchen this week. I just can't describe how happy we are with it. In about two weeks we'll be moving.

The florals and photos at Jan's blog knocked my socks off.

I got lost in this website for awhile the other day. Can not wait!!

Looking forward to the Memorial Day weekend. We have no special plans but I'm sure we can change that. 

Hope you have a great weekend.  :)